Water Pipes

Help Walter stop the water from escaping all over the place by picking the right pieces to fix the pipes.

In-Flight Trivia Tournament

Test your general knowledge by answering questions from a wide range of topics.


Place a number inside a square grid and ensure that all rows and columns do not contain the same number twice.


Crosswords has many levels of increasingly challenging grids to complete.

Banana Pachinko

Banana Pachinko combines the non-stop movement of pinball and the entertainment of a slot machine.


If you can line up 3 identical symbols more than once, then you're in business.


Blackjack is easy and fun to play. Be careful... go over twenty-one and you're busted!

In-Flight Mahjong

Discover the real Mahjong game. You may or may not need luck. When you match sets of tiles, they are cleared from the board. Choose from the many cool Mangainspired characters.


The classic strategy game has no equal. Carefully use your army of pieces (sacrificing them if necessary) to capture your opponent's king and win the game.

Mine Patrol

The war is over and it is now time to rebuild. It's up to you and your team to patrol and clean up mines.


Das Unterhaltungsprogramm an Bord ist abhängig von Flugzeugtyp und Flugroute.