Heaven In The Dark

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 100min | PG13 | 2016

After sharing a passionate kiss with Pastor To, Michelle files sexual harassment charges against the pastor. The scandal and the proceedings take their toll on both of them in different ways.


Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 118min | PG13 | 2016

The fate of the world is about to be sealed. The planet is already under threat by a powerful creature, who has already destroyed most of the moon and is now about to exterminate Earth.

CHIBI MARUKO CHAN -A Boy from Italy-

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 94min | G | 2015

Maruko and her wacky friends are thrown into a panic when they are asked to host visiting students from foreign countries.

Everest: The Summit of The Gods

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 122min | G | 2016

A photographer hears about a genius mountaineer suddenly vanishing from the Japan climbing scene. The photographer is consumed by the mountaineer's zest for life.

A Violent Prosecutor

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 127min | PG13 | 2016

Jae-wook is a short-tempered prosecutor who only pursues the truth. A suspect who is under the interrogation of Jae-wook, is then found dead. All the evidences indicate Jae-wook as a criminal.


Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 78min | PG | 2015

11-year old Blanka survives alone in Manila begging and stealing from tourists. An opportunity arises when she meets Peter, a 55-year old blind street musician, who teaches Blanka how to sing.

Chalk N Duster

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 130min | PG | 2016

Two teachers working in a high school in Mumbai form a bond with their students until an evil lady is hired as the principal.

Ola Bola

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 108min | PG | 2016

An uplifting film about an unlikely multicultural team of footballers who have to overcome their disagreements and personal struggles for a chance at international success.

Marry Me!

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 95min | G | 2016

Jurgen is marrying his attractive colleague Sibel. But their families aren't all that enthusiastic about the wedding. Jurgen's mother is skeptical about her son's all too brief whirlwind affair.

Der Geilste Tag (The Most Beautiful Day)

Dauer | Bewertet | Jahr : 110min | PG13 | 2016

Andi and Beno are terminally ill, but before it comes to an end for both, they escape the hospice and to go on a road trip in search of their last and most beautiful day.


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