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Happy Music Jet launched to Hong Kong, Global Jet celebrated in Shanghai

EVA Air unveiled its Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet and deployed the newly liveried Airbus 330-200 on a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. Not setting a fixed route for the Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet now, EVA is instead spreading the fun of flying on its cheerful, themed aircraft by alternating it on flights to Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and other gateways in Southeast and Northeast Asia. The same day, the airline premiered new Hello Kitty services between close-in Taipei Songshan and Shanghai Hongqiao airports with a festive celebration that included EVA and Sanrio executives, Chinese and Shanghai officials and travel agents. EVA offers more information about its popular Hello Kitty Jets in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English on a dedicated website at

EVA Chairman James Jeng introduced the Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet at theTaoyuan International Airport boarding gate before its flight to Hong Kong. EVA flight attendants and a Hello Kitty character joined him, welcoming passengers and wishing them a merry flight.

In Shanghai, EVA President K.W. Chang and Sanrio Co. Ltd. Senior Executive Vice President Kunihiko Tsuji were joined in welcoming guests by representatives from China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC), the CAAC East China Regional Administration, Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and Sanrio dancers.

“Our close-in Hongqiao-Songshan airport service is one of EVA’s most popular and important routes,” said Chang. “We are pleased to introduce our Hello Kitty Global Jet on this route. The aircraft is one of the new A330-300s we launched late last year and we believe it will be a fun and happy bridge between Taipei and Shanghai. I am honored to extend a warm, friendly and sincere welcome to all passengers who will fly our EVA Hello Kitty Jet to Taiwan.”

The Shanghai event was staged in a Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Services Center hangar at Hongqiao International Airport and included a special performance by dancers costumed as Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel and tours of the EVA Hello Kitty Global Jet. The Hello Kitty Global Jet then returned to Taipei to board passengers and begin regularly scheduled service on the new route.
EVA Hello Kitty Jet flight BR772 is scheduled to depart Taipei Songshan at 14:30 (2:30 pm) and arrive in Shanghai Hongqiao at 15:55 (3:55 pm). Return flight BR771 leaves Shanghai Hongqiao at 19:50 (7:50 pm) and gets back to Taipei Songshan at 21:45 (9:45 pm). EVA is operating Hello Kitty Jets on the route every day except Tuesday.

The EVA Hello Kitty Global Jet and Hello Kitty Magic Jet are both serving close-in Taipei Songshan and Tokyo Haneda airports with alternating flights. EVA is using the Hello Kitty Apple Jet on regular service from Taipei to Fukuoka and Seoul. When the newly livered Hello Kitty Speed Puff Jet is introduced on June 22, 2012, it will be used on regular flights to/from Taipei to Tokyo Narita and Hong Kong. The EVA Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet will be placed in service on regularly scheduled Chitose and Guam service in September.

The cheerful EVA Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet has a fanciful melody theme designed to inspire happiness in the air. The Hello Kitty Speed Puff Jet transforms free-floating speed puffs from make-believe into an A330-200 that whisks passengers through blue skies like a fast-moving cloud.

A future Star Alliance member, EVA connects an international network of destinations worldwide, including dozens of gateways in China and throughout Asia. From Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver, it offers more flights from North America to Taipei with more, easy onward connections to major business and leisure centers in Asia than any other airline. Hello Kitty Jet information is available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English at