EVA Ranked Among World’s 5 Safest Airlines, Rating marks Ten years at top of AERO International list

EVA Air has been ranked fifth among the world’s top-10 safest airlines by Germany’s AERO International Magazine. The publication’s assessments for 2013 were released in its February 2014 edition on January 17. In the ten years that EVA has been counted among the world’s 10 safest airlines, it has climbed in ranking. With its safety programs, consistently superb record and high standards, EVA has solid standing among leading international airlines and is listed just behind Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair and Emirates. This marks the second time EVA has been recognized for its high safety standards, closely following rankings released by AirlineRatings.com earlier this month.

AERO International is published monthly and focuses on civil aviation. The respected magazine provides safety rankings based on analyses by Germany’s Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC). This year, JACDEC evaluated more than 800 airlines worldwide and ranked flight performances, using criteria that included serious flight accidents within the last 10 years and flight losses within the past 30 years. JACDEC determined overall rankings by comparing an index value of each airline’s accumulated operations with those of other carriers. The complete list is available at http://www.jacdec.de/Airline-Rankings/jacdec_safety_ranking_2013.htm .

EVA has maintained a safety record without any flight losses or fatalities for its entire 22 years of operation. With only a small variation in their scores, EVA was ranked fifth after Emirates in fourth place. This is EVA’s highest score in JACDEC’s analyses. There are three other Star Alliance members listed in the top-10, including Air New Zealand, TAP Portugal and Air Canada that, with EVA, demonstrate the group’s high quality services.

“The safety ranking illustrates what a high level of safety air transport has already reached. The top group is extremely close together,” said Dietmar Plath, Chief Editor of AERO International.

Plath visited EVA in September 2013, interviewed President Austin Cheng and reported on its safety management system in this month’s issue of the magazine.

 “Airplane selection greatly affects the core competence of airlines,” Cheng said.  “EVA’s fleet plans take the factors such as ‘coping with market demand and growth,’ ‘fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness,’ and ‘passenger safety and comfort’ into consideration.”
Just as it has emphasized quality service, EVA has made safety a priority.

“Flight safety is our most valuable asset.  Without it, we could not give our passengers the service quality they have come to expect. Flight safety and quality service are EVA’s core values,” said EVA Chairman K. W. Chang. “Since our inauguration, we have ensured top-notch safety quality by requiring safety-education programs for staff, regularly updating systems and equipment with the latest aviation technologies and adhering to strict procedures for aircraft maintenance. We have also steadily renewed and upgraded our fleet, replacing older aircraft and introducing advanced models, often launching innovative services at the same time.”

EVA is renowned for its impeccable safety record. It has received honors worldwide for its high safety standards, in addition to inflight services and hardware. As the newest member of Star Alliance, EVA is providing passengers with services that are even more convenient and still offering all of the benefits of its own well-developed route system, connecting major destinations worldwide.

Within a couple of weeks, EVA has been honored with recognition for high rankings by both AERO International and AirlineRatings.com. EVA officials are proud and committed to upholding EVA’s core values of high safety standards and quality service, offering travelers worldwide the best possible travel experiences.

To or from Europe, Oceania, North America and cities in every region of Asia, EVA offers more easy, one-stop onward connections to more major business and leisure gateways than any other airline. Travelers can learn more about AERO International and its evaluations at http://www.jacdec.de/Airline-Rankings/jacdec_safety_ranking_2013.htm and they can book and buy tickets and select seats for EVA flights worldwide by contacting a travel agent, ticket broker, tour operator or airline ticket office or by clicking on www.evaair.com.