Baggage Information


Excess Baggages and Other Optional Fees

Excess Baggage Charges


Baggage in excess of EVA AIR’s free allowance will be subject to excess baggage charges, please click herefor the charge table.

  • The weight system :
    It is divided into four zones (Zone1~4). Excess baggage charge is calculated per kilogram (2.2 lb) on a Zone Basis.
  • The piece system :
    It is divided into three zones (Zone5~7). Excess baggage charge is calculated per piece on a Zone Basis. An additional chargeswill be charged for any checked baggage which is overweight or oversize.
  • Special baggage :
    Some different regulations and charges  apply to special baggage, please contact EVA Air reservations 24 hours prior to your departure. Please click here or contact EVA Air ticketing offices  for more details.


  • Whether your baggage will be assessed by the piece or by weight, please do not pack any single piece of baggage heavier than 32 kg/70 lb. to prevent injury to yourself or to the baggage handlers. Any single piece of baggage heavier than 32 kg/70 lb. requires advance application with EVA so that proper preparations can be arranged. Please also see General Information/General Notification page.
  • Due to structural limitations on some types of aircraft, any single piece of baggage heavier than 50 kg/110 lb. may be unacceptable. Please contact EVA Air or ticketing offices in Taiwan for details.
  • For safety reason, EVA Air does not accept any liquid material shipped in drums as checked baggage loading in bulk (all aircraft types). For the aircraft type MD90 which can be only bulk loading, EVA Air does not accept such kind of checked baggage. As for other aircraft types, such baggage can be accepted but must be built up in baggage containers.

Other Optional Fees

  • Unaccompanied Minors
    The adult fare applicable for Unaccompanied Minor(s) should be purchased.
  • Stretcher
    In addition to the passenger’s ticket, 6 times of highest one way normal economy adult fare will be    charged.
  • Oxygen
    USD 200.00 will be charged per bottle of oxygen and an additional seat must be purchased for the oxygen bottle occupying the seat. A maximum of two oxygen bottles may be accommodated in one seat.
  • Extra Seat for Cabin Baggage
    Applicable adult fare ticket should be purchased (except Inclusive tour / Child / Infant discount or any other discounted fares.).
  • Extra Seat for Passenger Comfort
    Applicable fare ticket should be purchased.