You may just have all the aces. Buildup 4 stacks of each suit in ascending order.

Chinese Checkers

Chinese checkers is a highly strategic puzzle game where you must move all your marbles to the opposite side from you. Planning ahead, you play against two opponents. The first one to move all his marbles to their destination wins.


Backgammon, a combination of luck and strategy, dates back to antiquity. This classic game will entertain you for hours!

Disney Mickey's House Party

Mickey is preparing a big party and he needs your help! Help him prepare his house by completing seven fun mini-games.

Marvin's Art Studio

Create artwork with different tools, such as pencils, brushes and stamps. You can also add vibrant colors to pictures.

Bubbha's Peanut Frenzy

Challenge your brain with Bubbha the Elephant. He has dropped his pictures and needs your help to pick them up in pairs.

Robot Factory

Fill your batteries by recreating any one of the eight robots. In the end, you'll be fully recharged.

Cali's Zupple

Slide the pieces and try to figure out a way to place them back into their original spot in order to see the picture.

Tik Rack Toe

Try this unique tic-tac-toe game. Fill your score bar before your opponent does and use the power-ups strategically!

Cave Crunch

Join Mr. Caveman in his quest to find food. Fierce predators are watching your every move. Keep your eyes open!


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