Our Cabin Classes


Christened Premium Laurel, this next generation of aircraft cabin offers supreme luxury and superior comfort

Premium Laurel Class

EVA Air Premium Laurel Exclusive check-in counter

Exclusive check-in counter

EVA Air’s ground-service crews are skilled professionals whose abilities are in tune with passengers’ requirements. Though they have only brief contact with each passenger, the high standard of service they provide immediately becomes evident. Passengers experience smooth, fast and personalized service every time they travel because the service provided by EVA Air’s ground staff comes straight from the heart.

EVA Air Baggages Services

Baggage privileges

As a Premium Laurel Class passenger, you can enjoy a number of baggage privileges when you check in and special tag for expeditious baggage loading and unloading. For further information, please visit Baggage Allowances webpage.

EVA Air VIP Lounges

Access to VIP lounges

In the spirit of the high regard it holds for its passengers, EVA Air invites Business and Premium Laurel Class travelers to use comfortable VIP lounges in all the airports it serves.