Join the Infinity MileageLands

Infinity MileageLands service center will issue digital card to you within 2-4 weeks by e-mail after receiving your application form. Please download your digital card. You can easily show your digital membership card with electronic devices. Alternatively, you can find your number on the Retrieve Membership Number page.

Get an application form from any EVA Air office, at our airport check-in counters, from one of the cabin crew during a flight, from an Infinity MileageLands Service Center, or online through EVA Air's Web site. Simply complete the form and mail or fax it to the Infinity MileageLands Service Center nearest you for processing. If you join online, your enrollment will be registered instantly. You will receive your membership number right away.

No, there is no enrollment fee. Anyone who is two years old or above can become an Infinity MileageLands member. You are welcomed to finish the application procedure to become an Infinity MileageLands member first, then you could not only enjoy convenient booking procedure but also have mileage be credited.

Yes, international flights taken during the six months preceding membership application can earn miles. Simply send photocopies of the relevant EVA Air tickets with your application form.

No need to apply for Star member,as you are a member of Infinity MileageLands , you become a Star alliance member as well.

Members of the Infinity MileageLands can not only benefit from streamlined reservation procedures and airport privileges but can also enjoy accelerated mileage accumulation. Your journeys could be arranged to be more flexible, smoother and more comfortable.Click here for more information

Infinity MileageLands – Member Only Area

  • Mileage Data Inquiry 
  • Mileage Correction (for EVA Air/UNI Air international flights) 
  • Nominee Registrated (You must submit an On-line Service Form in advance) 
  • Transfer/Return Miles or Electronic Upgrade Certificates (You have to apply for On-line Service in advance and the nominees must be listed as effective nominees in your account. *Print "Nominee Register Application Form"; Print "On-line Service Form" ) 
  • Apply for Mileage Statement. 
  • Update Personal Data (change your e-mail address, postal address or password etc.) 
  • Card Re-issuance (Members may also download EVA Mobile App- digital membership cards to look up the most updated membership information, it is equivalent to the official one.)

Set your password when you apply to join the Infinity MileageLands online. You can also go to the Create Password page to set the password. (Taiwanese members of the Infinity MileageLands need to provide their national ID card number while non-Taiwanese members must provide a passport number.)

Mileage Accumulation, Verification and Correction

Group tickets are not eligible for mileage credit. In addition, the following ticket types do not earn mileage: 

  • Various free or award or special-offer tickets, including award tickets, tickets with no face value and free or discount travel/airline industry tickets. 
  • Infant tickets.
  • Charter tickets.
  • Barter tickets. 
  • Special promotional fare tickets. e.g. Holding V booking class code tickets. 
  • For any promotional tickets, the promotion's regulations will prevail.

Mileage earned by traveling or partners will be retained for 36 months from the travel date or partner's system apply date. For example, miles credited for a flight dated Jun.15,2013 will expire on Jun.30, 2016. The expired mileage will be automatically cancelled without notice.

Mail or Fax 

Just send copies of your EVA Air ticket and boarding pass or receipts from EVA Air partners, along with your membership number, to your Infinity MileageLands Service Center and request a mileage correction. Please check your next statement to make sure the mileage concerned has been correctly credited. 

Mileage Correction using Claim Missing Miles

If you have traveled on an international flight with EVA Air/UNI Air within the last six months but the mileage for that flight has not been credited, please follow the instructions on the Mileage Correction page and input the necessary data to complete the mileage credit for yourself or another member.

  • A member who has registered a valid e-mail address in his/her member data will receive Electronic Mileage Statements in the next month if the Infinity MileageLands accounts have any traveling credits or mileage/electric upgrade certificate changes.
  • Mileage Statements will show traveling details with EVA Air and its partners during the current statement period, along with total accumulated mileage, upgrade certificate balance and mileage redemption history.
  • A member who has not registered an e-mail address in his/her member data. if the Infinity MileageLands accounts have any traveling credits or mileage/electric upgrade certificate changes will receive Mileage Statements via postal mail.
    1. Monthly Mileage Statements will be sent via postal mail to Gold and Diamond Card members.
    2. Silver and Green Card members will receive Mileage Statements via postal mail every six months in January and July.
  • You can check your mileage online when you visit the Manage My Account.

Yes, you can earn flight miles by flying with Star Alliance member airlines , or the Infinity MileageLands program credit cards, as well as through hotels, car rental agencies and other services provided by Infinity MileageLands partners to earn bonus miles.

  1. Simply provide your membership number every time you make a reservation with EVA Air and Star Alliance member airlines, participating hotels and car rental agencies. 
  2. To ensure your account is credited properly, please remember to always make reservations giving your name exactly as it appears in your Infinity MileageLands enrollment data. Please contact your Infinity MileageLands Service Center immediately if you need to change or update your name.

Missing mileage must be claimed within six months of the actual date flown or, for non-airline partners, within six months of the actual date of mileage-earning expenditures.

Retro claim for Infinity MileageLands miles can be made by presenting or sending travel documentation, i.e. passenger ticket coupon and boarding pass, to the nearest Infinity MileageLands Service Center up to six (6) months after the flight is completed. It may take 3-4 weeks for Infinity MileageLands miles to be credited to your account after the retro claim request is made. Retro claim request can only be made for flights flown after June 18, 2013.

No , because UNI Air is not a Star Alliance member.

No , Infinity MileageLands miles cannot be transferred or combined to another frequent flyer programme.

Award Program

Yes. In order to protect membership rights, a list of mileage or electronic upgrade certificates nominees must be submitted to the Infinity MileageLands before transferring mileage or upgrade certificates. Click here for more details about how to apply nominee register.

The nominees must be Infinity MileageLands members and listed as effective nominees in the transferor's account before transferring mileage or upgrade certificates. Please click here for more details about how to transfer/return mileage.

Your own mileage and the transferred mileage from other member cannot be combined. The original membership number will be listed with the transferred mileage in your account.

  1. On EVA Air /UNI Air International flight:
    You need to issue an eligible revenue class and enough mileage/electronic upgrade certificate valid until departure date and earned by the same account number. Make your reservations through an EVA Air reservation office or apply for an upgrade online.
    Please click here for more details.
  2. On Star Alliance member carrier’s flight:
    Star Alliance Upgrade Award (SAUA) can only be made on-line at the EVA Air website after ticket purchase. You must have an active and confirmed booking in an eligible class with ticket and the requirements of flight are depend on origin/destination area.
    Please click here for more details.

    Note : You cannot book for seat upgrade in a waiting list upon reservation or request standby for seat upgrade at the airport check-in.

The mileage originating with different members may not be combined. For example, Mr. Chen has 40,000 miles and Mrs. Chen has 20,000 miles. Mrs. Chen is traveling from Taipei to Los Angeles, and wants a award upgrade from Evergreen Deluxe Class to Business Class (a cost of 30,000 miles.) 

This could be possible if Mr. Chen transfers 30,000 of his miles to Mrs. Chen. He cannot transfer just 10,000 miles and use those miles plus Mrs. Chen's 20,000 to secure the award upgrade.

You can redeem your mileage to gain award tickets, award upgrades and award hotel accommodation vouchers; Diamond Card members gain upgrades by using electronic upgrade certificates.

  • On EVA Air /UNI Air International flight:
    1. All award reservations can be made through any EVA Air Reservation Office.
    2. You or your authorized designee with valid and sufficient miles under the same Infinity MileageLands membership can visit any EVA Air office during office hours to redeem an award ticket (except for airport ticket counters).
    3. By logging into the Infinity MileageLands account online, you can make reservations and redeem Award Tickets.
    4. When you make an award reservation, please make sure you have sufficient and valid    miles for an award ticket and your intended seating class.
      Please click here for more details.
  • On Star Alliance member carrier’s flight:
    1. All award reservations can be made through any EVA Air Reservation Office. The  open window for award bookings is subject to each airline’s policy.
    2. All reservations must be confirmed before ticketing. Airport standby is not permitted.
    3. When the reservation is confirmed, the member or authorized designee with valid and sufficient miles earned by the same member and under the same membership account can go to any EVA Air ticketing counter during office hours to issue an Star Alliance award ticket (except at airports).
      Please click here for more details.  

Yes ,because EVA Air is one of the members of Star Alliance , however, all award reservations and ticketing can only be made through the airlines who owns the frequent flyer Program.

Infinity MileageLand Service Center

You may have forgotten to update your mailing address.

  • Please call your Infinity MileageLands Service Center and update your address immediately. Alternatively, fax or mail your new address, along with your membership number, to your Infinity MileageLands Service Center. (*Print "Member Data Change Application Form") 
  • Update your personal data online at the Infinity MileageLands Manage My Account Area.