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Does EVA Air accept passenger requests for special meals prior to flight departure?

Yes. Special meals are available to passengers for age, medical, dietary or religious reasons. If you need special meal service, please be sure to notify EVA of your request at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure. 

What are EVA Air regulations on seat assignments?
EVA Air offers Advance Seat Selection service to all passengers. There are some special regulations on seat assignments for special and disabled passenger. Please contact EVA Air Reservations office for details. Passengers who have used our advance seat selection service are encouraged to complete check-in procedures at least one hour before their flight is scheduled to depart. EVA Air may adjust seats other than those being pre-selected by passengers for flight type change or airport operating requirements. Please note that all EVA Air flights are non-smoking.
Does EVA Air book passengers on other airlines as part of a trip?

Yes. In fact, EVA Air may assist passengers booked on our international flights with onward connections using other airline.

Does EVA Air require passengers to reconfirm reservations for onward or return flights?

You are no longer required to reconfirm onward or return flights if the following conditions are met: 

  • the ticketed passenger travels in accordance with his/her confirmed itinerary, and 
  • local contact information for each stopover on your itinerary and the turnaround destination are provided in advance. 

However, if there has been any change in your plans, please reconfirm your reservation.

What information will I be asked to provide when I book a flight with EVA Air and most other airlines?
  • Passenger Name/Names
  • A telephone contact or name of the hotel in each city where you plan a stopover or return trip. Your office and home telephone numbers will also be required when you book your flight.
  • As our reservations agents explain as part of their standard procedure, please remember to pay for your ticket before the 'hold' time on your reservation expires.
Can a passenger holding a free or reduced-fare ticket get an upgrade to the next higher class of cabin service by using Electronic Miles/Upgrade Certificate, or by paying the fare difference?

An award ticket or reduced-fare ticket holder cannot obtain a seat/class upgrade by using Electronic Miles/Upgrade Certificate, or by paying the fare difference.

What is my EVA Air Confirmation or Record Locator Number?
Your Confirmation or Record Locator Number is the individual identification code for your record in our reservations system. It consists of six alphanumeric characters.  This record holds your name, travel itinerary, telephone contact numbers, ticket validity, and after you have purchased your ticket, your ticket number. After you book your flight with EVA Air, our reservations agent will give you a code number. This number or combination of numbers and letters is important.  You will use it to reconfirm your flight and for any future contact with EVA Air regarding your reservations and itinerary for this trip.
Will EVA Air allow me to change the name on my ticket or booking record?

The name cannot be changed to a different one, but it may be corrected or modified for the following reasons: 

  • Incorrect spelling 
  • Reversal of first name and surname 
  • An incorrect title 
  • To add an alias
Allowing Reservations to be Canceled Without Penalty Within 24 Hours of Purchase
When you book and ticket a reservation through the EVA AIR website or EVA reservation/ ticketing office for EVA flights to/from USA one week (168 hours) or more prior to a flight’s departure date, EVA will allow you to cancel the ticketed reservation without penalty and receive a full refund provided that you cancel the reservation within 24 hours of purchase.