Redeem promotional award ticket-Enjoy an Overseas Getaway for as Little as 20,000 Miles

Are you planning a trip to take a break from work, explore the world, or visit family? Here’s an exclusive promotion that applies to you! Infinity MileageLands members can enjoy great discounts right away by booking EVA Air or UNI Air tickets on certain travel dates. Travel between Taiwan and Japan or Southeast Asia for as little as 20,000 miles, or save up to 25,000 miles on trips between Asia and America or Europe.
If you issue an award ticket between Jan. 09, 2018 and Jun.10, 2018 with effective travel dates and routes covered by this promotion, you’ll be able to enjoy a mileage discount.
You won’t want to miss this chance! Book an award ticket via the EVA Air global website or contact your local EVA Air reservation office.

  • Ticket issue dates / travel dates
    Ticket issue dates: 2018/01/09–2018/06/10
    Effective outbound travel dates (Note 1):
    1.Routes between Taiwan and Japan: 2018/04/11–2018/06/15
    2.Other routes listed below: 2018/03/01–2018/06/15
    (Note 1) The outbound travel date of the first segment must fall within the effective travel dates.
  • Eligible routes, flights and requirements for redeeming round-trip award tickets (one-way ticket requires half the miles; flight dates outside effective travel dates require full mileage deduction):  
    Award Ticket Class
    Booking Code

    Original Mileage

    Promotion Mileage

    A.Between Taiwan and JapanEconomy Class  X
    35,000 Miles
    20,000 Miles 
    B.Between Taiwan and Southeast Asia certain flights (Note 2)Economy Class  X
    35,000 Miles20,000 Miles
    Premium Economy Class
    40,000 Miles30,000 Miles
    C.Between Taiwan and Southeast Asia (Except those in item B)Economy ClassX
    35,000 Miles25,000 Miles
    Premium Economy ClassE
    40,000 Miles30,000 Miles
    D.Within Asia (Excludes Taiwan-Hong Kong /Macau (Note 3), and items in A, B and C)
    Economy ClassX
    35,000 Miles25,000 Miles
    Premium Economy ClassE
    40,000 Miles35,000 Miles
    E.Between Taipei and Vancouver,
       Between Taipei and Chicago,
       Between Taipei and Houston, 
       Between Taipei and Paris,
       Between Taipei and Vienna,
       Between Bangkok and Vienna,
       Between Taipei and London,
       Between Bangkok and London
    Economy ClassX
    100,000 Miles/
    110,000 Miles
    80,000 Miles
    Premium Economy ClassE
    110,000 Miles/
    120,000 Miles
    90,000 Miles
    F.Between Asia & America or Europe(Excludes items in E)Economy ClassX
    100,000 Miles/
    110,000 Miles
    85,000 Miles
    Premium Economy ClassE
    110,000 Miles/
    120,000 Miles
    95,000 Miles
    G.Between Asia & OceaniaEconomy ClassX
    100,000 Miles85,000 Miles
    (Note 2) Between Taiwan and Southeast Asia certain flights (open jaw is not allowed):
                 (1) Taipei–Ho Chi Min City: Outbound flight BR381/B7029; inbound flight is not restricted
                 (2) Ho Chi Min City–Taipei: Outbound flight BR382/B7030; inbound flight is not restricted
                 (3) Taipei–Bangkok: Outbound flight BR205/BR203; inbound flight is not restricted
                 (4) Bangkok–Taipei: Outbound flight BR206; inbound flight is not restricted
                 (5) Taipei–Manila: Outbound flight BR261; inbound flight is not restricted
                 (6) Manila–Taipei: Outbound flight BR262; inbound flight is not restricted
    (Note 3) Requirement for redeeming award tickets between Taiwan-Hong Kong/Macau is 20,000 miles. For more details,
                 please refer to Infinity MileageLands-EVA Air/UNI Air Award Tickets.

  • Terms and Conditions
    1.The number of seats allocated for award tickets is limited. EVA Air and UNI Air reserve the right to limit or adjust the
       number of award seats subject to the status of bookings for each flight. Award seats may be unavailable on some
       flights or during some periods, even if seats are available for paid tickets.
    2.Promotion applies only to flights and dates included in the promotion period.
    3.The date of the outbound flight must fall within the travel dates of this promotion. The date of the inbound flight should
       be within a year of ticket issue.
    4.For an award ticket containing a different route, zone, or booking class, the mileage deduction will be redeemed
       according to the higher cost one.
    5.Only Economy Class (booking code X) and Premium Economy Class (booking code E) are applicable.
    6.This promotion cannot be combined with other special offers.
    7.The promotion applies only to tickets with EVA Air/UNI Air flight numbers that are operated by EVA Air/UNI Air. Tickets
       with an EVA Air/UNI Air flight number but operated by other airlines are not applicable.
    8.The award ticket holder is responsible for all taxes and surcharges.
    9.Standard terms and conditions of award tickets apply.
    10.EVA Air reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotion without prior notice.