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EVA Completes Fourth Koala Mission

  • EVA Completes Fourth Koala Mission

EVA Air has successfully completed its fourth koala mission and carried four of the endangered marsupials from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia to the Taipei City Zoo in Taiwan. The special flight departed Brisbane at 10:30 pm on Oct. 22, 2011 and arrived at Taipei‘s Taoyuan International Airport at 5:30 am on Oct. 23. On its previous koala flights in 1999, 2001 and 2004, EVA carried a couple of the adorable creatures on each trip. This time, the carrier created a dark, cozy environment for four and transported twice as many koalas on the one trip.  

EVA ensured a comfortable, relaxing flight for Flynn, Coral, Tiwi and Empress by using one of its Boeing 747-400 combis for the trip. The koala quartet traveled in a carefully controlled cargo hold located directly behind the passenger cabin, enabling conservation staff and veterinarians to check on and care for the special passengers throughout the flight.    

Though EVA is recognized as an expert at carrying endangered species and special cargo, it diligently applies rigorous operational standards to every flight. Flight personnel kept temperature, humidity and light perfectly adjusted to recreate conditions in the koalas’ natural habitat, ensuring that the furry creatures had a comfortable trip with as little stress as possible. The highly sensitive koalas were also loaded and unloaded first, again, minimizing stress.

In addition to its four koala missions from Australia, EVA has been selected to carry numerous other endangered species to Taiwan.  It transported fragile red-crowned cranes from Japan two months ago, giant pandas from China in 2008 and more. EVA’s excellent safety record and experience in carrying endangered species have made it a partner wildlife protection agencies consistently rely on for rescue operations, sharing treasured national symbols and implementing off-shore conservation programs in different countries to ensure that a kind of animal will not become extinct if disaster strikes its natural habitat.

Taiwan-based EVA provides both passenger and air cargo services to destinations worldwide, with gateways on four continents and one of the airline industry’s most far-reaching networks in China and throughout Asia.