EVA Air Cargo Wins Air Cargo World Gold Award for Excellence

EVA Air Cargo won Air Cargo World’s Gold Award in its 10th annual Excellence Survey. The respected global news authority on airfreight logistics invited forwarder customers from around the globe to rank airfreight carriers in four critical areas and evaluated results to establish below or above average performance. The awards were presented during the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Los Angeles on 10 March, 2014. Evaluation results are posted on the publication’s website at www.aircargoworld.com.

Air Cargo World established its ranking survey in 2005. The survey examined carriers’ performances over a 12-month period. The publication identified an average score and indexed it to a value of 100. Scores above the 100 index indicate above-average performance. EVA Air Cargo earned a rating value of 108, based on four criteria:

  1. Customer Service: Handles claims with expedience; solves problems in a prompt and courteous manner; has a professional and knowledgeable sales force.
  2. Performance: Fulfills promises and contractual agreements; dependable; accomplishes transit within scheduled times.
  3. Value: Offers competitive rates; sets rate commensurate with required levels of service; provides value-added programs.
  4. Information Technology: Enables shippers to track and trace their airfreight; has electronic commerce capabilities.

EVA is continuing to enhance its air cargo operations, offering freight forwarders increasingly convenient and comprehensive services that include all of the ease and advantages of e-commerce. After establishing its customer-friendly website atwww.brcargo.com, the carrier created and introduced the EVA Air Cargo APP in 2012. The APP gives shippers and consignees fast, easy access to the most up-to-the-minute shipment information with simple task bottoms such as My Cargo, My Flight, Flight Status and more. With each step of the air transport process right at their fingertips, shippers and consignees can quickly and efficiently track movement of their airfreight.