Seat Selection

  1. Seat selection service availability-
    This service applies to EVA Air’s and UNI Air’s international flights only. It does not apply to charter and code-sharing flights. Only passengers with a confirmed reservation may select their seat online. Standby and waitlisted passengers cannot use this service.
  2. Online seat changes are available to the following passengers up to 24 hours before flight departure:
    * Those who originally selected their seat through EVA Air’s online reservation system.
    * Those with a seat assigned by EVA Air’s reservation center or a travel agency. (single passenger booking records only).
  3. Passenger eligibility-To ensure the highest standards of service and the safety and comfort of all passengers, online seat selection is unavailable to:
    * Passengers traveling with infant(s).
    * Minors under the age of 12 who are traveling unaccompanied.
    * Passengers requiring special assistance (such as those with medical conditions).
    * Group travel passengers (bookings of 10 or more passengers in one single booking reference.)
  4. Baggage information-Click here for more details.
  5. EVA Air and UNI Air may adjust seats other than those being pre-selected by passengers for flight type change or airport operating requirements.
  6. Due to airport operational needs, online seat selection is only open to certain areas of the cabin. If no available seats can be found online, please contact reservations or select your seat during online check-in (available 24 hours before your flight).