Customer Service & Contingency Plan


EVA Airways is in business to provide safe, dependable and friendly air transportation to our customers, along with numerous related services.

Customer Service Plan

EVA Airways is committed to maintain the highest level of safety, service, comfort and convenience to our customers. This Customer Service Plan is introduced in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) set forth in 14 CFR section 259.5 and is applicable for flights to and from the US. However, some of the services and assurances set out in this plan are also provided on other non-US flights.

Offering Lowest Fare

EVA Airways will disclose on our website or reservation/ticketing office, that the lowest fare may be available elsewhere.

Notifying Consumers of Known Delays, Cancellations, and Diversions

In accordance with U.S DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements, for EVA AIR’s scheduled flights to, from or within the U.S, with respect to each flight scheduled to depart within 7 days, EVA Air will update the information about a change in the status of a flight no later than 30 minutes after the carrier becomes aware of a flight status change (e.g, a cancellation, a delay of 30 minutes or more, or a diversion) The flight change information will be provided in EVA Airline’s boarding gate area (on the day of the flight), EVA website ( at flight information) or telephone reservation system or through SMS (Short Message Service) if you have registered for notification services on EVA website.

Baggage delivery

It is our goal that our customers and their baggage travel on the same flight and that baggage is delivered to our customers on time. In case your baggage is delayed, we will make every reasonable effort to return it to you within 24 hours. There are a number of factors that can cause baggage to be delayed, sometimes for more than 24 hours. These include: customs and immigration procedures, unusual operational interruptions, and/or the handling of baggage by other carriers (for itineraries involving more than one airline).

If you are unable to locate a bag upon arrival, you should notify an EVA airways baggage services agent prior to customs clearance. A report will be filed for you at that time, and you will be given a phone number for follow-up. You will receive periodic updates regarding the status of your baggage.  You may also view the status of your bags on Online Baggage Tracing.

Once a delayed bag is located, a delivery company will return the bag to your local address. 

Allowing Reservations to be Canceled Without Penalty Within 24 Hours of Purchase

When you book and ticket a reservation through the EVA AIR website or EVA reservation/ ticketing office for EVA flights to/from USA one week or more prior to a flight’s departure date, EVA will allow you to cancel the ticketed reservation without penalty and receive a full refund provided that you cancel the reservation within 24 hours of purchase.

Providing Prompt Ticket Refunds

For all eligible paper and electronic tickets, optional products and services that a passenger purchased at the EVA AIR website or EVA reservation / ticketing office by credit card, a refund will be processed within 7 business days of receipt of the required refund information. The credit card issuer will then refund the amount to your credit card account depending on the cut-off day set by the card issuing bank. Your credit card statement may not immediately reflect the refund credit. Ticket and optional products and services purchased with a check or cash will be refunded within 20 business days of receipt of the required information. The applicable conditions are as follows: 

  • Refund requested due to an over-sale situation or flight cancellation. 
  • Refund requested under condition of Allowing Reservations to be Canceled Without Penalty Within 24 Hours of Purchase (see above).

Accommodating Passengers with Disabilities and Other Special Needs, Including During Tarmac Delays

Accommodating the special needs of passengers with disabilities is a top priority for EVA airways. We offer a variety of special services to such passengers, including:

  • Transportation to , from, and between gates, either by wheelchair or, in several locations, 
  • Enplane and Deplane assistance, 
  • Assistance with visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility impairments while in the airport and on the plane. 
  • Consideration of their needs during extended tarmac delays. To ensure the high quality of these services and protection of customer rights, we designate Complaint Resolution Officials (CROs) in all airports who are responsible for services to be properly implemented, you may request a CRO by contacting a EVA airways agent.

Customer care during lengthy tarmac delays

Tarmac delays may happen due to various reasons such as safety requirements, unfavorable weather conditions, air traffic congestion and other operational factors. EVA airways always strives for the highest quality service so that our customers are happy they have chosen to fly with us. In this respect, we have developed a comprehensive contingency plan, making sure we consistently meet our customers' essential needs in the event of a lengthy tarmac delay.

Boarding priority on oversold flights

Oversales or overbooking is a common industry practice, due to the number of passengers that cancel their bookings close to departure or fail to show up for a flight. If at the time of departure, there are still more passengers with confirmed reservations than vacant seats available, our airport team will provide information about our denied boarding policy and passengers will be asked to give up their seats voluntarily in exchange for compensation. In rare circumstances, should there be not enough passengers willing to give up their seats voluntarily; other passengers may be denied boarding on an involuntary basis. Apart from a few exceptions, under such circumstances, passengers denied boarding involuntarily will be entitled to the denied boarding compensation in line with US Department of Transportation regulations. Passengers denied boarding due to over-sales will be treated with fairness and consistency and as described in our policies and procedures. They generally will be protected or rerouted to the final destination of the ticket presented at check-in by the first available flight(s) or at a later date if the passenger requests.

Disclosure of Cancellation Policies, Frequent Flyer Rules, Aircraft Seating Configurations, etc.

EVA Airways’ cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules, aircraft seating configuration and lavatory availability are available on our website by following the links below and, upon request, from our telephone reservation system.

Notifying Consumers in a Timely Manner of Changes in Their Travel Itineraries

EVA Airlines will notify consumers in a timely manner of change in their travel itineraries if this happen within seven days; and EVA will provide the flight change information within 30 minutes after the carrier becomes aware of change. The ways which passenger can get the flight change information:

  • Website “” at “Flight Information” or Mobile Flight Updates (Short Message Service) once the passenger has registered for notification service from the website or telephone reservation system. 
  • EVA boarding gate area, check-in agents, flight crews and airport flights status board (on the day of the flight)

Ensuring Responsiveness to Consumer Problems 

If you direct your written complaint to us, we will acknowledge your concern within 30 days, and provide you with a substantive written response within 60 days, in accordance with DOT regulations. For more information about filing a complaint, go to our website, and select “CONTACT US” and click "Your Comments”.

Services Provided to Mitigate Passenger Inconveniences Resulting from Flight Cancellations and Misconnection.

In order to help reduce inconveniences resulting from flight cancellations and misconnections, EVA airways will offer you or arrange for appropriate remedies which, depending on the circumstances may include the following:  

  • Re-route you to your final destination as soon as possible or at a later date that is convenient for you. 
  • Offer a full refund of the fare for the affected segments, without penalty or refund surcharge. 
  • Offer free telephone/telex/fax service to your destination. 
  • Provide appropriate refreshments, meals, and hotel accommodations, if required.
Ensuring Good Customer Service From Code-Share Partners. We stand behind the services of our codeshare partners and we will strive to ensure that you receive excellent customer service whenever you travel on a EVA airways ticket including flights operated by our codeshare partners. We will publish a direct link on to our partner airlines websites to provide current information on their policies and procedures