The Magnificent Nine

Duration | Rating | Year : 129min | G | 2016

Juzaburo comes up with a secret plan of loaning a large sum of money to their lord which they collect interest and distributing them to the towns people to escape poverty.

If Cats Disappeared From The World

Duration | Rating | Year : 103min | PG13 | 2016

A postman who is struggling with poor health, has little time to live. A devil then appears and proposes to prolong postman’s life in exchange for making things in the world disappear.

Children of Iron

Duration | Rating | Year : 75min | G | 2016

Rikutaro and Mariko become brother and sister after Rikutaro's mother and Mariko’s father marry. Their classmates poke fun at them. They become upset and decide to split up their parents.

Remember You

Duration | Rating | Year : 106min | PG13 | 2016

A mysterious woman enters the life of Suk-won, a lawyer who has lost his memory. As their relationship develops, secrets embedded in his memories slowly surface.

Time Renegades

Duration | Rating | Year : 107min | PG13 | 2016

The two men, who live 30 years apart, fight for survival on the same day, at the same hospital. Coming back from the brink of death, they begin to experience each other’s lives though vivid dreams.

The New Classmate

Duration | Rating | Year : 100min | PG | 2016

Chanda works day and night to provide Apeksha an opportunity to study. To her horror Apeksha is uninterested in pursuing any kind of career…


Duration | Rating | Year : 113min | PG13 | 2016

The heart-warming story of a ruthless businessman who finds his humanity for the greater good of his people; it tells the story of the affluent Ranjit Katyal.

Cien Años De Perdón (To Steal From A Thief)

Duration | Rating | Year : 96min | R | 2016

Six armed men attack a bank in Valencia. The gang has to clear out the most safe deposit boxes possible and to escape through a tunnel. But nothing goes as planned.

Me Casé Con Un Boludo (I Married A Dumbass)

Duration | Rating | Year : 100min | PG13 | 2016

An unknown actress falls in love with a famous actor. After getting married, she realizes she has fell in love with a character her future husband plays and not with the real person.

Belli Di Papa (Daddy's Boy)

Duration | Rating | Year : 96min | PG13 | 2015

In order to bring the children to the real world, Vincenzo leads them to believe that the family business has undergone a bankruptcy fraud. Hence they are forced to run away like criminals in hiding.


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