Wansei Back Home

Duration | Rating | Year : 111min | G | 2015

Wansei' refers to those Japanese who were born in Taiwan during the colonial period. After WWII, they were repatriated to Japan.

Zinnia Flower

Duration | Rating | Year : 95min | PG13 | 2015

A devastating car crash, leave Wei and Ming alone to face the world in emptiness. They meet each other at a Buddhist ritual where the bereaved mourn the dead for 100 days.

Poison Berry In My Brain

Duration | Rating | Year : 122min | G | 2015

Ichiko's inner thoughts appear to readers as a board of five very different individuals. When she falls for a younger man at a drinking party, the board members fall into a panic.


Duration | Rating | Year : 109min | PG13 | 2015

Twenty-five years previously when Washida was a judge, Saeko appeared before him as a defendant in a drug case. On the day Washida was to pass sentence, Saeko disappeared…


Duration | Rating | Year : 116min | PG13 | 2015

Together, Kuraki, Osugi and Akeboshi investigate on the bombing incident in Shinjuku. Naotake had lost his wife in the said incident.

Something Like Something Like It

Duration | Rating | Year : 95min | G | 2016

Shinden is an overly serious rakugo comic storyteller apprentice. He encounters his senior, Shintoto, who had given up rakugo to live a more carefree lifestyle.


Duration | Rating | Year : 110min | PG13 | 2015

A low caste boy hopelessly in love, a daughter ridden with guilt of a sexual encounter ending in a tragedy, a hapless father with fading morality, and a spirited child yearning for a family.

The Beat Beneath My Feet

Duration | Rating | Year : 92min | PG | 2015

Tom dreams of becoming a rock star. When an intimidating stranger moves into the flat below, he recognises him as disgraced guitarist who had disappeared presumed dead years earlier.


Duration | Rating | Year : 99min | PG13 | 2015

Violette, a 40-year old workaholic with a career in the fashion industry falls for a provincial computer geek, Jean-Rene, while on a spa retreat with her best friend.

The Measure of a Man

Duration | Rating | Year : 95min | PG | 2015

At the age of 51 and after 20 months on unemployment, Thierry starts a new job that soon brings him face to face with a moral dilemma.


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