Durée | Evaluation | Année : 86min | PG | 2015

Comedian Thomas Vang is determined to do anything to get back in the limelight. But when his daughter suddenly materialises from his ‘forgotten’ past, his life is turned completely upside down.

You’re Ugly Too

Durée | Evaluation | Année : 81min | G | 2015

Will is released from prison on compassionate leave to care for his niece Stacey. As they both head into the sleepy Irish midlands and attempt to be a family, they suffer a series of setbacks.

Nemiche Per La Pelle

Durée | Evaluation | Année : 92min | PG13 | 2016

What would happen if two sworn enemies, two opposed women in temperament and lifestyle find out to share the most incredible legacy: the child of their ex - husband?

The Family Jumble (La Mia Famiglia…

Durée | Evaluation | Année : 90min | PG13 | 2016

Martin is entering the new world of middle school. He is the only one with his parents still together! Consequently he decides to implement a diabolical plan and split them.


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