Handling Guideline for A/C Change of AMS/BKK BR75/76 Flights


For passengers original holding BR75/76 Premium Economy class tickets issued on/before 14NOV18 and traveling on/after 09JUL19, also had reissued tickets on/before 21DEC18 due to no Premium Economy class service available causing by aircraft changed.

Applicable period

The application must be submitted on/before 21JUN19.

Rebooking / Reissue:

  1. For tickets reissued to Economy class on/before 21DEC18 can be repriced and collected the difference to BR75/76 Premium Economy class based on original issuing fare. Reissue penalty can be waived for once;
  2. For tickets purchased from travel agents, please contact the original issuing agents for rebooking and ticket change.

Award ticket and upgrade with mileages

Members who meet above conditions

  1. Award tickets- Any mileage differences will be collected if the reissue ticket requires more miles than the original one. Expired mileage evaluation upon reissue can be waived.
  2. The service fee of USD$50 for award ticket reissuance can be waived once for Green Card members. Diamond Card/Gold Card/Silver Card members are exempted from service fee as current policy.
  3. Upgrade awards- For passengers holding confirmed upgrade seats with upgrade awards can be honored with original ticket class. Any mileage differences will be collected (or returned) if change itinerary.
  4. Please contact EVA Air reservation office for rebooking and ticket change.

Group Passengers:

Please contact your travel agent.

Free and reduced fare tickets

Not applicable to this policy, such as ID/AD/DM tickets.