Rail & Fly – the train feeder service of the Austrian Federal Railway from/to Vienna International Airport

Rail & Fly enables you to enjoy a flexible and stress-free train ride on the Austrian Federal Railway to Vienna International Airport originating from following railway stations

  • Bregenz (XGZ) 
  • Graz (GGZ)
  • Innsbruck (IOB)
  • Klagenfurt (KGV)
  • Linz (LZS)
  • Salzburg (ZSB)
  • St. Pölten (POK)

Validity of the train ticket:

-Valid for a single journey on the booked route on all Train operated by Austrian Federal Railways(ÖBB, including Railjet, ICE, EC, IC and commuter trains), only excluding night trains (EN – EuroNight).

Upon purchasing an EVA Air Business Class ticket, you´ll be travelling First Class on Austrian Federal Railways and will therefore have access to the Austrian Federal Railway Lounges (Wien Hbf, Wien Westbf, Wien Meidling, Linz Hbf, Salzburg Hbf, Innsbruck Hbf, Graz Hbf, Klagenfurt Hbf ).

A seat reservation is not included. You may book a seat reservation online on the Austrian Federal Railway website: www.oebb.at/en

Please note: An online seat reservation does not serve as train segment Check-In.


-Rebooking/Cancelation is only possible via an EVA Air reservation office. 

Rebooking/Cancelation Fee:

-Depending on the conditions of your EVA Air ticket.

Check-in and receiving your train ticket: 

-Is possible 72 hours prior to the departure of your booked train connection.

-You have 2 options:

Web-Check-in: https://secure.accesrail.com/checkin/  Please ensure to print out the ticket!

Austrian Federal Railway travel center: Manuel Check-in which will require an additional charge of €3,50 and includes a seat reservation. 

Please note that you are not allowed to board the train without checking in! Additionally this Check In, is mandatory for being able to use your air segments!

Please ensure to have your train ticket, passport and booking receipt with you all the time.

Luggage: During your train ride the luggage will remain in the custody of the passenger. Therefore the luggage doesn´t require any Check-In for the train segment.


If the passenger in example has booked the train connection 01APR VIE-IOB on the train 160, the ticket will be valid for any train connection on the specified route and on both 01APR and 02APR on all Austrian Federal Railway operated trains.

Altering the departure and/or arrival points is not possible after ticket issuance.

Should you require a train feeder departing from any other railway station, please contact your EVA Air reservation office  +43 1 7007 38700.

For further information please visit www.accesrail.com/accesrail-products-austria.html