The Wi-Fi Service is provided by Panasonic Avionics.

Via the antenna mounted on the top of the aircraft, we are connected to geostationary satellites orbiting the Earth at a height of 36,000km. In order to deliver your emails and messages, the signal must travel up to the satellite and back down to one of the several ground stations around the world. These signals are then processed by the data centers and transmitted through the ground Internet network; thus distributing it to your friends and loved ones.

Every messages and replies undergo this long journey. The passage of these signals is not only affected by the weather and terrain, but also involves many complex technologies. Even the cutting-edge engineering technique cannot resolve the latency which occurs while using inflight Wi-Fi.

Though it is not like the broadband that you use on the ground, it is still pretty amazing to be able to stay connected while flying!

Wi-Fi is accessible with any wireless LAN-compatible device, including laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Wi-Fi service is available only when an aircraft is 20,000 feet or higher above ground. 

As the inflight Wi-Fi is based on satellite communication, it will also be unavailable in regions not covered by the satellite network (e.g., the Arctic).

  1. In order to keep a respectful and quiet cabin environment, VoIP (Voice over IP) calls are prohibited.
  2. To protect the rights of other passengers, the Wi-Fi service has disabled connection to websites that may contain obscene, indecent, malicious or illegal content. 

Signal & Connection

Just like any other public Internet network, the actual speed of Inflight Wi-Fi connection depends on the number of users and the satellite signal strength.

The bandwidth on the aircraft is about 12Mbps and can be up to 250Mbps on selected aircraft. However, the bandwidth is shared between all users and is also affected by the number of aircraft under the same satellite spot beam. Therefore, the actual bandwidth allocated to each passenger varies according to the actual situation.

Compared to ground-based Wi-Fi networks, the inflight connection is much more susceptible to weather or location factors. Network disconnection may occur during satellite beam switching or in the flight area where the satellite signal is unavailable or weak.

Purchase Plan & Fees

Yes, you will need to pay for the Inflight Wi-Fi service. Currently, EVA offers a complimentary Wi-Fi for specific Fare Family product

You can purchase additional Wi-Fi plan after you finish using your free Wi-Fi session.

EVA offers complimentary Wi-Fi for certain Fare Family products (regardless for purchase channel), please refer to Fare Family Special Offer page for more details. Any time between 48 hours and 30 minutes prior to departure, you are invited to access the Manage Your Trip page on EVA website to acquire your Wi-Fi voucher code. Use this voucher code to activate the inflight Wi-Fi service while onboard the flight.

Inflight Wi-Fi is sold onboard by our supplier, Panasonic Avionics, by data plan, listed as below:

  1. Lite Messaging Plan 30MB: USD 4.95
  2. Standard Plan 100MB: USD 14.95
  3. Business Plan 300MB: USD 29.95

Note 1: All data plans are limited to use within the flight (restricted by flight number and flight date) in which it's purchased. For instance, a passenger with itinerary BR67/01JAN TPE-LHR, his remaining data on BR67/01JAN TPE-BKK can be used on BR67/01Jan BKK-LHR.

Note 2: Lite Messaging Plan is not suitable for web browsing or media streaming.

Any amount of data transmitted via Inflight Wi-Fi will be counted in, including any text, images, and videos. 

Please make sure you turn off any auto-update, auto-sync or cloud backup and location services function, otherwise, your data will be consumed very quickly once you connect to the network.

Item Approx size
1 email (no attachment)  0.02 MB
1 email (with attachment)  varies
Messaging app (1-2 messages) 0.1 MB
Social media status update 0.4 MB
Social media page view 5 MB
1 hour of web surfing 16 MB
1 min of audio streaming 1 MB

You may use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner Club, JCB and Discover credit cards or PayPal to make your purchase.

The Wi-Fi plan that you purchased can be used on multiple mobile devices, but only one device can be connected to the network at a time. For example, if you want to shift the Wi-Fi connection from a laptop to a smartphone, simply log out of the service from your laptop and log into it again on the smartphone, using the same set of username and password.

A receipt will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you provided during the credit card purchase process.

User Guide & Requirements

After payment, the webpage will show up the real-time data counter. We suggest you NOT to close this page so that you can check your remaining data anytime. 

If you have closed it accidentally, just access to, and click on "Get Online" to get back to the data counting page.

After purchasing, if you want to pause your connection, just simply click on the "Pause session" button below the data counting page to prevent any wastage.

Although the Internet technology is very advanced and mature nowadays, the network bandwidth and speed on the aircraft are still quite limited. 

Below are some clever ways for you to save your data usage:

  • Use the smartphone and its apps rather than browsers -- Most of the websites contain a lot of high-definition images and animations, which consume a great deal of data.  
  • Compress it before sending -- More phones are equipped with professional camera lenses and they usually take very big photos.  
  • Turn off any auto-update, auto-sync or cloud backup syncing -- Disable all these functions before connecting to inflight Wi-Fi to prevent from wasting your data.  
  • Avoid using any video streaming platform, such as YouTube, Netflix and iQIYI -- Streaming video eats up a huge amount of data and bandwidth, and as inflight Wi-Fi is susceptible to weather and various factors, it could take substantial time for streaming and causing bad user experiences.

From the entry portal of Inflight Wi-Fi: 

  1. Click on “Get Online” and you will be directed to the purchase plan page; 
  2. Click on “Use a voucher or discount code” tab; 
  3. Type in your voucher or discount code and continue, you will be able to access the Internet once the code is successfully verified.

Yes. Universal 110V AC outlets are available in Royal Laurel Class, Premium Economy Class, and shared among each row in Economy Class (except for the last row in each Economy Class cabin). Meanwhile, every seat in our Wi-Fi fleet has a built-in USB port to keep your cell phone or other mobile devices charged.

Troubleshooting & Customer Assistance

You might be unable to connect with the inflight Wi-Fi for a few reasons:

  • Altitude: 

The Wi-Fi service is only available at a height of 20,000ft or higher, usually around 20 mins. after take-off, until 20-30 mins before landing. 

  • Regions: 

As the inflight Wi-Fi relies on the signal transmission of the satellite, when the aircraft passes through airspace with weak or no signals, you will not be able to use Wi-Fi. Please wait for a while and try again.

  • Wi-Fi history: 

If you are unable to connect to "EVA-WiFi", you can try to clear the Wi-Fi history as following steps: 

Android - Go to Wi-Fi settings, long press on "EVA-WiFi", then tap "Forget network". 

iOS - Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the info button next to "EVA-WiFi", then tap "Forget This Network". 

Now you can try to reconnect to "EVA-WiFi" again. 

  • Browser:

Using an old browser is a very bad idea. Not only it could make you unable to access the entry portal of Inflight Wi-Fi, but also put your devices at a safety risk. We suggest you to check and update your browsers before getting onboard. Minimum browser requirement as below- 

  1. Internet Explorer 11 or higher  
  2. Safari 9 or higher 
  3. Firefox 45 or higher 
  4. Google Chrome 50 or higher 
  • Entry Portal: 

If the entry portal fails to pop up or you close it by accident, just open your browser, and type in to access it. 

  • Sleep mode:

Wi-Fi may disconnect if you are in Battery Saver/Sleep mode or when your iPhone is locked. 

Android (Android 8.0 or lower) - Go to Wi-Fi Settings > Wi-Fi preferences > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, and choose "Always". 

iOS (iOS 9 or higher) - Turn off Bluetooth; go to Setting > Cellular or Settings > Mobile Data, then scroll down and turn off "Wi-Fi Assist". 

  • VPN: 

VPN can be difficult to use as it could take a substantial period of time to load a great amount of data.

Inflight Wi-Fi is provided by our service partner Panasonic Avionics. You may seek their advice via any of the following methods:  

1. Seek help from our service partner’s customer service staff by sending an email to;  

2. Call our service partner’s customer service staff at +1-888-4881541 (USA toll-free number) or 0809-091862 (Taiwan toll-free number) for assistance.