EVA Wi-Fi is a service that allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet from your personal electronic devices (laptop, tablet or smartphone) during the flight.

The Wi-Fi Service is provided by Deutsche Telekom and Panasonic Avionics.

EVA Wi-Fi is accessible with any wireless LAN-compatible device (including laptop computers, smartphones and tablet devices).

Yes, you will need to pay to connect to the internet through EVA Wi-Fi.

Purchase Plan & Fees

Starting from March 5, 2019, EVA Wi-Fi will be sold by data plan, listed as below: 

  1. USD 4.95 for 30MB 
  2. USD 14.95 for 100MB 
  3. USD 29.95 for 300MB 

Note 1: All data plans are limited to use within the flight in which it's purchased or stated. 

Note 2: 30MB is a Lite Messaging Plan which has a speed limit of 100 kb/s and it’s not suitable for web browsing or media streaming. 

Voucher Codes purchased before March 5, 2019 are still effective, can be used during the validity period."

Any amount of data transmitted via EVA Wi-Fi will be included in the calculations, including any text, images, and videos. Please make sure you turn off any automatic function, such as automatic software or email update, or any kind of cloud backup and sync, otherwise, it is very likely that your data will be consumed very quickly once you connect to the network.

The following estimated calculation is for reference only.

Calculate usage:

what approx size
1 email (no attachment)  0.02 MB
1 email (with attachment)  0.3 MB
Messaging app (1-2 messages) 0.1 MB
Social media status update 0.4 MB
Social media page view 5 MB
1 hour of web surfing 16 MB
1 min of video streaming (SD) 7 MB
1 min of video streaming (HD) 18 MB 
1 min of audio streaming 1 MB
Application Updates 50 MB - 150 MB

You may use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner Club, JCB, UnionPay and Discover credit cards or PayPal to make your purchase.

The EVA Wi-Fi plan you’ve purchased can be used on multiple mobile devices, but only one device can be connected to the network at a time. For example, if you want to shift the Wi-Fi connection from a laptop computer to a smartphone, simply log out of the service from your laptop and log into it again on the smartphone, using the same set of username and password.

A receipt will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you provided during the credit card purchase process.

User Guide & Requirements

To access the EVA Wi-Fi network, your mobile device must be equipped with any of the following browsers: 

  1. Internet Explorer 8 or higher  
  2. Safari 5 or higher  
  3. Firefox 3.6 or higher 
  4. Google Chrome 10 or higher 
  5. Opera 10 or higher"

Please consult the “In-flight Wi-Fi Instruction card” in the pocket of the seat in front of you. Launch your browser to access, follow the instruction to complete payment or redeem your voucher code. You can seek help from flight attendant if the problem remains.

From the welcome page of EVA Wi-Fi:  

  1. Click on “Enter” or ""Get Online"" and you will be directed to the payment page; 
  2. Click on “Voucher Code” tab to enter your code; 
  3. Type in your voucher and go online.

Yes. Universal 110V AC outlets are available in Royal Laurel Class, Premium Economy Class, and shared among each row in Economy Class (except the last row in each Economy Class cabin). Meanwhile, every seat in our 787, 777-300ER and A330-300 fleet has a built-in USB port to keep your cell phone or other mobile devices charged.

Signal & Connection

  1. EVA Wi-Fi is available only when an aircraft is 20,000 feet or higher above ground. 
  2. EVA Wi-Fi is a service enabled by a communication satellite. It will be unavailable in regions not covered by the satellite network (e.g., the Arctic). "

  1. EVA Wi-Fi is based on satellite transmission; therefore, the status of connection will depend on aircraft location, altitude, weather, and satellite signal strength. 
  2. The service will also be unavailable over the Polar Regions, lasting up to 3.5 hours depending on the season and flight path. 
  3. In order to keep a respectful and quiet cabin environment, VoIP (Voice over IP) calls are prohibited. 
  4. To protect the rights of other passengers, the Wi-Fi service has disabled connection to websites that may contain obscene, indecent, malicious or illegal content. 
  5. Online videos on social media platforms and streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix are accessible with EVA Wi-Fi. However, extended streaming is not recommended as connection speed varies throughout the flight and may cause prolonged buffer time and reduced video quality."

Just like any other public Internet network, the actual speed of EVA Wi-Fi connection depends on the number of users and the satellite signal strength.

Compared to ground-based Wi-Fi networks, the in-flight connection is much more susceptible to weather or location factors. Network disconnection may occur during satellite beam switching or in the flight area where the satellite signal is unavailable or weak.

Customer Assistance