Inbound Free Interchange Policy

Passengers holding tickets with inbound sectors between Taiwan - Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and selected cities of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia may have more flexibility on rerouting in same regions without ticket reissuance.

Interchange between Taiwan - Hong Kong/Macau/Mainland China

North Eastern ChinaHRB, DLC, SHE
Shan-Dong AreaTAO, TNA
Northern Mainland China (1)PEK, TSN
Northern Mainland China (2)CGO, TYN, HET
Eastern Mainland ChinaPVG, SHA, WUX, HGH, NGB, NKG, TXN
Central Mainland ChinaCKG, CTU, XIY, KMG, KWL
Southern Mainland China*CAN, SZX
Hong Kong/Macao S.A.R.HKG, MFM
Fu-Chien AreaFOC, XMN

*For Southern Mainland China Area may also interchange to HKG, MFM; for other area, interchange to City/Airport is allowed in same region only.

Interchange between Taiwan - Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia region

AreaCity / Airport
Japan|KantoNRT, HND
South KoreaICN, GMP

Terms and conditions:

A. Eligibility
  • Applicable ticket: Ticket issued on EVA Air(695) or UNI Air(525) ticket stock.
  • Group, free and reduced fare tickets(R/E/N/I/X/G CLS) are excluded.
  • Inbound sectors only.
B. Repricing
  • As long as the change is within fare/ticket validity, repricing for fare re-assessment is not required if re-book on same Booking Class Code.
C. Change fee
  • No Change fee for traveling on the same date as ticketed in the same area with same Booking Class Code, otherwise penalty required if any. 
D. Flight Restrictions
  • Interchange to EVA Air/UNI Air operating flights on same region only. Code Share Flights not operated by EVA Air/UNI Air shall be excluded. 
  • Tickets with travel restriction on selected flights or inbound to selected destinations are not applied. 
E. Process
  • When interchange of inbound sector in same area of the eligible route is requested, regardless of ticket with wholly EVA Air/UNI Air sectors or with interline sectors involved, neither ticket reissuance nor revalidation of ticket is required when booking on the same ticketed Booking Class Code. Please contact EVA Reservation Office after new booking is confirmed. Go-show at airport is also permitted for interchange. For Business/Premium Economy class tickets change into non Business/Premium Economy class flights is considered as voluntary downgrade, fare difference is deemed forfeited. 
F. Airport Tax
  • New Tax Amount and surcharges will be collected at airport or ticketing offices if any. 
  • For unused tax, passengers may apply refund at ticketing offices with boarding pass and receipt of new tax and surcharges after journey completed. Applicable Tickets: ticket issued on EVA Air(695) and UNI Air(525) ticket stocks.