Introducing the New Kyoto-Style Kaiseki Meal Set

In collaboration with chef Motokazu Nakamura of Michelin three-starred Kyoto restaurant Nakamura, EVA Air has introduced a new kaiseki meal set this month for Royal Laurel/ Premium Laurel/Business Class passengers on flights from Taipei to Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka. 

New Kyoto-Style Kaiseki Meal Set

The meal includes steamed cod fish with mushroom sauce/deep fried prawn served with mustard egg yolk stuffed lotus root, and assorted sushi such as smoked salmon, scallop, sea bream, octopus with salmon roe, sweet prawn, squid, braised eel, and egg sushi roll. There are also seasonal sakizuke, sunomono, and kobachi dishes, and a dessert: matcha ice cream served with black sugar syrup.