EVA Welcomes End of Strike, Apologizes for Inconvenience to the Public

EVA Air and the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union (TFAU) reached a consensus and signed a collective agreement today as witnessed by Labor Minister Hsu Ming-chun and Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan. As the strike came to an end, EVA expresses its most sincere apology to the general public for the turmoil and inconvenience caused by this labor action.

EVA always takes passengers’ interests as the first priority

Throughout the strike, EVA always took passengers’ interests as its first priority. EVA has urged TFAU to share the same concern and not to rush to a strike in several occasions when the union members cast votes to decide a labor action. Even though TFAU still launched a strike without prior notice, EVA made every effort to maintain operation and minimize the impact to passengers. EVA understands that passengers’ trust and support have enabled the airline to stand out among fierce competition and repeatedly win numerous international recognitions. Therefore, when the strike occurred, it was our first priority to try all we could to safeguard the rights and interests of our passengers. 

As the strike has finally come to an end, EVA will gradually resume scheduled flights by the end of July and will make necessary adjustment to its service operation in August depending on the number of cabin crew able to work and passengers’ travel demand.

Government is pleaded to face the issue of external trade unions

EVA Air is disappointed to see the sudden strike launched by TFAU, an external trade union under the Taoyuan Confederation of Trade Unions (TYCTU), affecting nearly 300,000 passengers in this labor action. Although the strike has ended, EVA still needs to raise two appeals to the government:

  1. EVA Air shares the same view with the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in its recent proposal which requires that an advance strike notice should be applied to the airline industry. We hope that the authorities concerned and the Legislative Yuan can legitimize the advance strike notice as soon as possible to effectively reduce the impact of labor actions and safeguard the interests of innocent passengers. 
  2. Over the past three years, external trade unions have launched three labor actions against the airline industry in Taiwan. Every strike caused widespread disturbance to the society and seriously affected interests of numerous passengers. EVA urged the government to take this issue seriously and take initiatives to amend the laws in order to prevent such incidents from happening again and protect local investment environment from worsening.

EVA appreciates its hard working and loyal employees

EVA sincerely thanks its air and ground staff who worked in shifts around the clock to assist thousands of passengers during the difficult time. In spite of extremely heavy workload, the staff remained dedicated to their work. Even the company’s retired employees and staff’s family members came to offer their help. With the dedication of these employees, EVA is able to weather this turbulent storm.

EVA thanks the cabin crew who returned to work from strike

EVA is grateful to the cabin crew who joined the strike in the beginning but came back to work during the labor action. EVA believes these flight attendants still keep their passion to the airline industry and thus return to continue their service. EVA hopes to work with them to regain passengers’ trust and make the company even stronger. 

EVA is grateful for the support from all sectors of the society

Last but not the least, EVA wants to express heart-felt gratitude to the general public for their support and understanding. The company also thanks all its partners in the airliner industry and travel trade for helping to arrange alternative flights through this challenging time. 

This strike has caused enormous losses to EVA Air. But as long as we have the recognition and support of the public, we believe that we can recover within the shortest possible time, resume our service and regain the trust of our passengers. Looking to the future, we are confident to rebuild EVA’s reputation as “The Wings of Taiwan” that all our colleagues and many local people are proud of.