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Changes/Refunds of EVA/UNI Air Tickets due to the continuing Transfer Ban in Taiwan

Apr 26, 2022

1. Eligibility

Passengers holding EVA (695)/UNI (525) Air tickets issued on/before 26APR2022 with confirmed booking of EVA/UNI Air International, cross-strait and Hong Kong/Macau flights through on/before 31DEC2022 that transferring at Taiwan.

2. Changes

(1) Within ticket validity, passengers may change in accordance with the following rules with no additional charge for one transaction

  • Wholly EVA/UNI Air flights: same routing (city) and booking class (RBD).
  • Itineraries with connecting interline segments: rebook the applicable carrier/RBD and/or change the transfer gateway in accordance with the fare routing provided the destination remains unchanged. 

(2) Within ticket validity, if passengers change outside of scope of (1) above, it is considered as voluntary change and the ticket should be recalculated and reissued to collect the fare/tax/booking service charge difference if any, however the change fee may be waived for one transaction.

(3) EVA/UNI Air operated flights changed to codeshare flights or other carriers’ flight are not permitted.

3. Refunds

(1) Refunds of the ticket and/or related ancillary services may be made in accordance with provisions of involuntary refund that the refund service charge will not be imposed. Regarding the Booking Service Charge (BSC), it is non-refundable for partially used ticket. The unused BSC can only be refunded when the ticket is totally unused or consists of BSC imposed on a flight-coupon base.

(2) Tickets purchased from travel agencies should refer to the original issuing travel agent.

(3) Tickets purchased from EVA/UNI worldwide offices or EVA website, please contact EVA/UNI reservation and ticketing offices.

4. For tickets being changed with reissue fee waived but then voluntarily request for a change or refund afterwards, the service charge will not be waived.

5. If the ticket being changed is the result of an exchanged/reissue or revalidated transaction, the eligibility of waiver is determined based on the current ticket to be changed/refunded.

6. Award ticket and upgrade with mileages

For refunds, refund service charge will not be imposed.

For rebooking, reissue fee as well as the expired miles are exempt from collection for one transaction provided the revised itinerary meets the same criteria as the affected ticket.

Please contact EVA/UNI reservation and ticketing office for rebooking or refund.

7. Group passengers shall contact the original issuing travel agency for changes/ refunds.

8. Free and Reduced fare tickets are not included in this bulletin, e.g. ID/AD/ DM...etc.

9. The fare difference or fees that previously charged will not be returned under any circumstance.