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Program overview

Professionalism ‧ Elegance ‧ Integrity

Qualities we value the most

Simple Practical Flexible

Join the EVA Air corporate program and you will be assigned a sales representative to walk you through our simple application.

Manage your corporate profile, points, and rewards on our flexible portal. We can satisfy your business travel needs and dreams all in one go.

Earn corporate points with your business trip and redeem points for reward tickets, seat upgrades, and services on board; the opportunities are endless.

Exclusive benefits for corporate members

Join the EVA Air corporate program today for free.


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Professional team

With the help of our dedicated sales to evaluate and observe your company’s needs, EVA Air can provide a tailored corporate program specifically for you.

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One-stop self-service portal

We understand that it is time consuming for corporate travel managers to handle all aspects of business travel. That is why we created a convenient portal for you to check the balance of your points and redeem rewards.

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Earn points

Members can earn points and mileage by flying on EVA Air/UNI Air international flights. Before long, you will be able to redeem amazing rewards.

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Redeem rewards

Redeem award tickets, seat upgrades, and ancillary services before your trip. 

We know different companies have different needs, so we offer a variety of rewards; how you spend the points is entirely up to you.

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Receive priority privileges

Priority services are provided for all corporate travelers. Enjoy Extra Baggage Allowance, EVA Air VIP Lounges, and other benefits thoughtfully designed for the corporate traveler

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Enjoy preferential airfares

Save more on every trip with upfront discounts on your airfare. We understand that sometimes a quick cash discount on flights will suit your business better than collecting points.


Ready to start making smart savings? 

Join the EVA Air corporate program today for free.

Note : contents of the program may vary across countries / regions.

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Please complete your information and apply online.