EVA Launches Bespoke Campaign with Star Alliance World-renowned dancer Fang-Yi Sheu shares Alliance benefits

EVA Air is launching a custom-made Star Alliance campaign featuring world-renowned dancer Fang-Yi Sheu that focuses on the Alliance’s global network and the benefits and recognition it offers high-value international travelers (HVIT). The campaign is being launched on EVA’s inflight entertainment systems, in its airport VIP lounges, via its social media as well as Star Alliance’s website and social media.


EVA hand-picked Ms. Fang-Yi Sheu, a frequent international traveler and celebrated modern dancer, from membership rolls of its Infinity MileageLands frequent flyer program. Ms. Sheu created a special dance for the campaign, incorporating movement and light in an inspiring performance that represents Star Alliance’s global network connecting countries and continents.

The campaign is designed to convey a strong sense of loyalty and affinity among the member carrier, its frequent flyer customers and the Star Alliance. EVA and Star Alliance worked together to create the bespoke campaign to promote the alliance’s benefits in the member airline’s home market.


A Taiwan native, Ms. Sheu was Principal Dancer for the New York-based Martha Graham Dance Company and is widely recognized as a star performing artist domestically and abroad. Praised as the finest present-day embodiment of the Martha Graham technique and tradition, Ms. Sheu has received numerous awards and collaborated with countless artistic talents on stages around the world. As an Infinity MileageLands Gold Card holder, she has been flying EVA to performance engagements in other countries since she moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

Impressed with Ms. Sheu’s talents as a professional dancer and choreographer, the Star Alliance marketing team brought Atomic London, an award-winning and highly creative adverting agency, to Taipei to capture perfect content for the campaign. For her performance, Ms. Sheu attached lights to her wrists and used every movement to paint one glowing flight route after another, signifying EVA’s partnership with Star Alliance and the group’s global network. Against Star Alliance's signature black background, the images draw the audience into the story Ms. Sheu tells with her dance.

In addition to creating the special dance for the campaign, Ms. Sheu participated in music selection and lighting design. She worked in collaboration with the production team and delivered a perfect performance.

The campaign is broadcast on EVA flights, in its VIP airport lounges, via its social media as well as Star Alliance’s website and social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.