From Sep. 21, EVA AIR Flight operations will resume to/from Osaka (Kansai)

EVA Air is glad to announce that Kansai International Airport is progressively restoring normal service. We estimate that from Sep 21, Taipei(TPE)-Osaka(KIX) will resume 4 flights and Kaohsiung(KHH)-Osaka(KIX) will resume 1 flight per day:

  • BR130/129 Taipei(TPE) to/from Osaka(KIX) 
  • BR132/131 Taipei(TPE) to/from Osaka(KIX) 
  • BR178/177 Taipei(TPE) to/from Osaka(KIX)
  • BR182/181 Kaohsiung(KHH) to/from Osaka(KIX) 
  • BR180/179 Taipei(TPE) to/from Osaka(KIX) (From Oct. 01)