Mobile Flight Updates

EVA Air(BR) and UNI Air(B7) Global Flight Information, we do have two types of different short message service: 

  1. Flight SMS Alert for Members: You can choose whether or not to receive an SMS message informing you of the latest status of your flight. The message will be sent to the mobile phone number included in your Infinity MileageLands profile. This service is available only to Club members who are about to fly internationally with EVA Air(BR) and UNI Air(B7). 
  2. Flight SMS Alert: You can subscribe up to seven days in advance and you'll be notified, at a time you specify, should a delay or cancellation affect your flight plans.

In principle, this service is completely free for you, however, some mobile phone operators have international SMS roaming charges which may apply. Telecom providers have roaming charges which may vary. Please contact your mobile phone operator for rate information.

The Company will endeavor to maintain the stability of the system, please bear in mind the following factors: 

  • At that time, the recipient’s phone was switched off the signal were not received. 
  • The recipient needs to have the cellphone capable of receiving roaming SMS text messages. 

To remind you, SMS is instant information. If the message was not received, it will not be resent.

" Infinity MileageLands membership" is available at the company's Web site, "Members Area" - "Personal Data Update", page check the "Member Newsletter automatic reminder" service, and remember that for each flight reservation, present your membership card number to the reservation staff to ensure you receive an SMS reminder for your EVA AIR and/or UNI Air International flights.

The system will give you a serial number. With the serial number and your mobile phone number you can check the status of delivery.

When this message appears return to the login page to check your flight specified date, flight number and movements are correct; the most likely reasons are: 

  • Select type of flight "flight departure," but chose to landing point "destination’’. 
  • Select the flight date, but that date has not been the frequency of movements. 

To avoid the above errors, you can go to the web pages on the flight schedules and check the flight information.

Yes. The system will notify you of such information immediately within 60 minutes of the actual departure/arrival time.

Please check the screen on your serial number by the system to send status query log and double-check whether the correct completion of each project.