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Chicago/Houston/Toronto Direct Flights Are Back!

Summer time is approaching and so is EVA Air’s Direct Flight! Fly EVA Air to enjoy your summer vacation in Taiwan.
Visit a night market in Taipei, relax on a beach in Kenting, or climb Yushan Mountain. With EVA Air, you can experience the wonders of Taiwan in no time.

Flight schedule to Taipei (TPE) in both May and June of 2022.

Flight RouteFlight No.Dep.-Arr. TimeOperating Date
Flight RouteChicago-TaipeiFlight No.BR055Dep.-Arr. Time00:30-04:35+1Operating Date5/12、6/3
Flight RouteTaipei-ChicagoFlight No.BR056Dep.-Arr. Time20:00-21:00Operating Date5/11
Flight RouteTaipei-ChicagoFlight No.BR056Dep.-Arr. Time19:00-20:00Operating Date6/1
Flight RouteHouston-TaipeiFlight No.BR051Dep.-Arr. Time01:00-05:50+1Operating Date6/11
Flight RouteTaipei- HoustonFlight No.BR052Dep.-Arr. Time18:10-19:10Operating Date6/9
Flight RouteToronto-TaipeiFlight No.BR035Dep.-Arr. Time01:45-04:55+1Operating Date6/17
Flight RouteTaipei- TorontoFlight No.BR036Dep.-Arr. Time19:40-21:55Operating Date6/16
* EVA Air reserves the right to modify the schedule, change aircraft types, etc. For details, please refer to the flight schedule. 【BOOK NOW】