EVA Air Presents A Seasonal Kyo-Kaiseki Feast

EVA Air works with Michelin three-starred Kyoto chef Motokazu Nakamura to serve up seasonal Kyo-kaiseki dishes for Royal Laurel Class, Premium Laurel Class, and Business Class passengers flying from Taipei to Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka.

This month, the main course is beef sukiyaki with onions, konjak, broiled tofu and burdock. The takiawase course is sansho-flavored simmered herring.

The gohan dishes include steamed rice sprinkled with red perilla. Appetizers include ayu sushi, smoked salmon rolled with Chinese yam, and miso-marinated cauliflower.

The mizumono (dessert) dish is pudding served with seasonal fresh fruit. We invite you to savor the culinary delights of late summer and early autumn.

seasonal kyo kaiseki feast picture