EVA Air statement on COVID-19

Update on June 22 for Passenger Health Declaration Form

In response to the severe epidemic situation of COVID-19, in order to keep safety and health of passengers and crew members, passengers who travel with BR/B7 international flight are required to submit the "Passenger Health Declaration Form".

Please confirm that within the 14 days prior to the date filling up this form :

  • You did not have these symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, sore throat or any other COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Make sure that you were not in close contact with those who are suspected to have COVID-19 (such as living in the same household with a COVID-19 patient, providing direct care for COVID-19 patient, working together in close proximity or sharing the same classroom environment with a COVID19 patient, etc.)

You were a confirmed case of COVID-19 outside Taiwan and meet one of the conditions listed below (please inform ground staff at the check-in counter):

  • Developed symptoms more than two months prior to the flight date and whose symptoms have abated.
  • Developed symptoms at least 10 days earlier and can produce two negative COVID-19 test certificates (issued for specimens taken at least 24 hours apart).

For those who reject to sign will not be accepted to the flight.

Attachment "Passenger Health Declaration Form"

Update on April 10 for Inflight Meal/Cabin Supply service

Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has raised travel advisories for all countries to level 3 (warning) due to continuous spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). In compliance with the instruction, EVA Air has taken the following preventive measures on inflight meal service, also cabin supply adjustment to keep our crew and passengers healthy and safe onboard. We appreciate our passengers’ understanding and cooperation.

1. Inflight Meal

  • Online meal pre-ordering service for Royal Laurel Class, Premium Laurel Class & Business Class is temporarily suspended.
  • For the flights over 6 hours, inflight meals are provided by tray only without course-by-course service. Special meals are limited to vegetarian meal, religious meal, baby meal and medical meal. 

※ Due to the pandemic’s impact on inflight catering supply chain in the UK, only tray service is provided on our flights departing from London. Meanwhile, special meal services are suspended since April 10.

  • For the flights under 6 hours, ready-to-eat food are provided in snack bags for all cabins. Vegetarian Oriental Meal is the only option for special meal.

2. Cabin Supply

  • Single-use cabin supplies such as headset, head cloth and napkin are available on all cabins. 
  • Royal Laurel Class bedding adjusted. 
  • Pillow and blanket to be on-demand offered, cleaned and sanitized after used. 
  • Newspaper, magazine and menu services are cancelled. 
  • All seats are now preset with safety instruction card and disposal bag only.

Update on April 6 for CODVID-19 epidemic prevention action

As per the instructions of COVID-19 Central Epidemic Command Center and Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), EVA Air will strengthen CODVID-19 epidemic prevention action.

Passengers should follow the precautions:

  1. Please do not board the airplane if you have cold symptoms or a fever. Body temperature will be taken before boarding. Passengers with a forehead temperature over 37.5°C (or 99.5°F) or those failed to cooperate with this procedure will not be accepted to their flight.
  2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth during the flight. It is recommended to wear a mask throughout the flight except mealtime. If you have symptoms of respiratory, you should postpone or skip the meal and wear the mask throughout the flight.
  3. Reduce close (with 1 meter) and unnecessary conversations and interactions with other passengers.
  4. Wash hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer after using the toilet.
  5. Wearing gloves to wipe personal armrests, meal table, remote controls, touch screen and so on with alcohol (less than 100ml) is recommended.
  6. Do not change seats without instruction.
  7. If you feel unwell, please take initiative to inform cabin crew and cooperate with seat arrangements and hygiene measures.
  8. If your destination is Taiwan, please cooperate to fill in “Quarantine System for Entry”.
  9. Cooperate with other airlines’ epidemic prevention measures. (using different toilets from cabin crew, etc.)

It’s recommended that passengers should bring their own masks, gloves, hand sanitizer (less than 100ml), alcohol wipes, and warm clothing when boarding.

In accordance with the Civil Aviation Act, the Pilot in Command of the flight may take emergency measures to manage passengers who fail to follow the above rules in order to maintain the safety of the flight. Those who flout the rules will violate the Communicable Disease Control Act and be fined upon arrival by Aviation Police and CDC.

Our cabin crew will be equipped with personal protective equipment below:

A. Flight Crew

  1. Surgical mask
  2. Waterproof gloves
  3. Eye protection equipment (safety goggles or plain glass spectacles) and advanced equipment (N95 mask or same level) in the cockpit.

B. Cabin Crew

  1. Surgical mask
  2. Waterproof gloves
  3. Eye protection equipment (safety goggles or plain glass spectacles)
  4. Disposable waterproof gown

Update on March 14 for European flights

In response to continued coronavirus outbreak in Europe, Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has issued level 3 travel advisories for European countries today (March 14). According to CECC's instructions, travellers arriving from these areas, including airline crew, should follow a 14-day home quarantine. 

As the precautionary measure will limit the number of our cabin crew who can work on board, EVA will maintain normal schedules of its European flights today and tomorrow (March 15). From March 16, we will adjust the frequencies of our flights to Europe based on passengers' travel demand and assignment condition of our cabin crew. EVA will provide refund or ticket change services for passengers who hold its tickets to Europe. For related rules and information, passengers can visit EVA’s Coronavirus disease 2019 website at https://www.evaair.com/en-global/emer/2019-nCoV.html.

EVA Air Statement about COVID-19 Case on BR315, March 2

According to Australian health authorities, a passenger who took EVA flight BR315 from Taipei to Brisbane on March 2 has been diagnosed as a confirmed case of COVID-19.

EVA Air conducts cabin cleaning and disinfection after each and every flight to ensure clean and sanitary cabin environment. For the aircraft which performed flight BR315 on March 2, we have carried out deep cleaning and enhanced disinfection to prevent any possible spread of the virus. 

The flights attendants who served on BR315 on March 2 were originally assigned for service on BR316 from Brisbane to Taipei on March 5. In light of disease prevention concern, passengers booked onto that EVA flight were transferred to other airlines. The aircraft then performed a ferry flight back to Taipei. The flight attendants onboard were required to wear face masks throughout the flight and seated apart from one another.  

EVA’s air and ground staff who came into contact with the infected passenger are required to follow the instructions of Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center to receive quarantine inspection or stay under isolation.  

EVA Air fully cooperates with the Central Epidemic Command Center and relevant authorities of Australian Government to provide passenger lists and related information for the purpose of disease monitor and control. However, we are required by the Infectious Diseases Control Law not to disclose details of the infected passenger’s flight information.