Handling Guideline for Termination of Belgium-Amsterdam BR2005/2006 Shuttle Bus Service

1. Eligibility

For passengers holding confirmed BR2005/2006 Belgium-Amsterdam shuttle bus tickets issued on/before 05DEC19 and traveling on/after 01FEB20 that no shuttle bus service available due to termination of bus service.   

2. Applicable period

The application must be submitted on/before 31DEC19.

3. Rebooking/Reissue

  • Rebook/reissue to SNCB (9B) train service between Schiphol Airport (AMS)-Brussels (ZYR), Schiphol Airport (AMS)-Brussels Airport (BRU), Schiphol Airport (AMS)-Antwerp (ZWE) on the same date as originally booked without additional charge. C Class train service is only applicable for passengers holding BR international Business class ticket. 
  • For tickets purchased from travel agents, please contact the original issuing agents for rebooking and ticket change.

4. Group passengers:

Refer to the original issuing agent. 

5. Free and reduced fare tickets

Such as ID/AD/DM tickets, are not applicable to this policy.