EVA Air Statement in response to TFAU’s Strike

EVA Air and the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union (TFAU) held the third meeting at Renaissance Hotel in Taipei today after the two parties resumed dialogue following the union’s vote to determine a strike. Minister Hsu Ming-Chun of the Ministry of Labor (MOL) came in person and delivered a speech. The meeting was co-chaired by MOL Deputy Minister Liu Shih-Hao, Lawyer Jessika Ko and Professor Fan Yu, both experts of labor relations. The Ministry of Communications, Civil Aeronautics Administration, and Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Labor also sent representatives to attend the meeting, which was broadcast live to the public.

As the negotiation continued for just more than one hour, TFAU representatives unilaterally declared that the union could not reach a consensus with EVA Air and decided to start their strike immediately.  

EVA Air is deeply disappointed that TFAU initiated a strike without providing prior notice, seeking better benefits for its members while sacrificing interests of our passengers. EVA sincerely apologizes to passengers and everyone affected by this strike for the disruptions caused by canceled and rescheduled flights. We are also sorry for the public disturbance caused by the strike’s impacts.

EVA immediately deployed an emergency response team as soon as we learned TFAU had called the strike. Our priority is to minimize inconvenience to our passengers without compromising flight safety.  After confirming the number of cabin crew willing to work as scheduled, we are doing our best to operate as many flights as possible. EVA is informing passengers about the situation and keeping them up-to-date on their flight’s status and schedules with text messages. Passengers can also go to the official EVA Air website, www.evaair.com or use EVA’s Mobile APP to check the latest flight changes and make alternative arrangements for their trips.

EVA is working with other airlines and transferring as many passengers as possible to alternative flights. For passengers whose flights are delayed by more than 6 hours, we will provide refreshments, accommodations and transportation or compensation for the inconvenience of up to US$250.00. Passengers should retain their receipts or expense certificates to submit when they make strike compensation claims. EVA will waive service charges for passengers who change flights or request ticket refunds. We have published related guidelines on our dedicated strike webpage at www.evaair.com.

Group passengers are advised to contact their travel agencies to rebook flights or request ticket refunds.  EVA will coordinate with travel agencies for compensations.

EVA flight attendants also serve some UNI Air trips and TFAU’s strike action is affecting some of our sister carrier’s regional, cross-strait and domestic routes. UNI has also deployed its emergency response team to properly assist passengers with flight arrangements. UNI is making domestic flights its priority so that we can maintain adequate capacity to serve Taiwan’s offshore islands. We have published information about schedule updates and ticket refunds or changes on UNI’s website at www.uniair.com.tw

It has been impossible for EVA Air to predict how many flight attendants would join in the strike. We understand that many flight attendants are involved because of peer pressure and the union’s emotional mobilization tactics. At the same time, we believe that most of our flight attendants are rational and call upon them to carefully consider their actions. We have always thought of EVA as one big family. Our impressive achievements in the airline and travel industries are possible only because of all of our efforts as we work together to provide the world’s best quality service and safe flights. We hope that our flight attendants will come back to work as soon as possible so that we can avoid further losses and damages on both sides of our issues.

EVA has made every effort to avoid a strike. In repeated negotiations with the union, we have expressed good will and offered reasonable solutions such as more benefits and improved working condition that have included earlier flights. TFAU has never been satisfied with any of our offers and has refused to provide any concrete responses.  

The union’s demands for “no free ride” terms that exclude non-union members and Board of Director positions are unreasonable and may even be unlawful. EVA cannot compromise on these kinds of demands.

EVA is a 100 percent privately owned enterprise, fully responsible for sustaining our operations, safeguarding the rights and interests of 130 thousand shareholders and more than 20 thousand employees, working for our company and our affiliates. We are facing this strike responsibly and, at the same time, will continue to make every effort to work with TFAU.