Nakamura Kyoto-Style Cuisine

EVA Air has once again teamed up with Nakamura restaurant, which has held three Michelin stars for eight years in a row. For September, chef Motokazu Nakamura created a kaiseki meal for Royal Laurel Class/Premium Laurel Class/ Business Class passengers flying to Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka.


The main course is simmered herring with mirin and soy sauce served with eggplant and wax gourd strips; the sakizuke is squid, prawn, and snap pea served with vinegar-flavored sesame sauce and citrus jelly. These are served with hassun dishes like grilled cutlass-fish sushi, rolled burdock with simmered gourd shavings, and simmered octopus with soy sauce and dashi, as well as steamed rice with dried red perilla. The dessert is houjicha-infused pudding with houjicha jelly. We invite you to enjoy these authentic Kyoto flavors during your flight.