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Travel Safely with the EVA Air "Safe Travel" Plan!

EVA Air puts passenger safety and convenience of travel before all else. That's why we have launched the "Safe Travel" plan, to ensure passenger safety at each stage of your journey, from pre-flight preparation, flight departure and the on-board experience, to arrival at your destination. Yes, we care!


Ever since EVA Air was first established, safety assurance has always been our most important core value, stemming from our thorough belief in "No Safety, No Service." Safety maintenance is the cornerstone of EVA Air, and the responsibility of all air and ground crews. We work together with passengers to ensure safe travel, and with your cooperation we will succeed. Travel in safety with EVA Air.

Pre-flight preparation


  1. We recommend purchasing tickets online or via the EVA Air app(iOS/Android), which can be used anytime, anywhere and support multiple payment methods, providing convenience and saving time.
  2. If you need to arrange services at a counter, safety screens have been installed at ticket counters in EVA Air offices located in Taipei City, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung to reduce the possibility of contact.
  3. We recommend that you check in using the "Online Check In” option on the EVA Air official website or mobile app(iOS/Android), between 48 hours and 1 hour before your scheduled flight departure. Passengers using mobile check-in can save their boarding passes to their Google Pay or Apple Wallet, which offers convenient and centralized ticket management and will reduce the time you spend at the airport.
  4. Please prepare personal sanitary items including: masks, gloves, hand sanitizer (less than 100ml), alcohol wipes and warm clothing.
  5. Prepare a reduced amount of hand luggage and minimize your use of hardware equipment.
  6. Before your flight, you should check the entry and transit regulations for each country and be sure to declare your correct travel history. Passengers who conceal their travel history assume liability for compensating any fees or losses incurred by EVA Air as a result, as well as other related legal liabilities. For more details see News.

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At the airport


  1. All passengers are required to have their temperature taken at the entrance to the airport or before boarding, where hand sanitizer dispensers are also provided. EVA Air will deny boarding to passengers who are unwell or have a fever. 
  2. Please be sure to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m with other passengers within the airport. 
  3. In compliance with the regulations of destination country, you might need to provide the negative COVID-19 test result within the designated time frame prior to departure and/or COVID-19 vaccination certificate. You can click Travel Restrictions to check the latest information with regards to COVID-19 related entry regulations.
  4. In accordance with requirements set by the Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center, passengers entering Taiwan are required to fill out the Quarantine System for Entry electronic declaration form.
  5. EVA Air airport staff are required to wear masks and other necessary personal protective equipment.

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VIP Lounges (EVA Air Lounges - Taoyuan Airport)


  1. Hand sanitizer is available for passengers. 
  2. The seat area has rearranged in accordance with social distancing.
  3. Meal content and serving will be adjusted by government pandemic-prevention policy to reduce unnecessary contact.
  4. After a passenger leaves, the seating area is immediately disinfected. The entire lounge is also routinely disinfected every day.

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  1. All passengers are asked to wear a mask throughout the flight, other than during meals. 
    Masks with built-in valve or vent are not allowed due to risk of transmitting the virus in the cabin.
  2. Where possible, passengers are seated so as to maintain an adequate distance with other passengers. All passengers are asked to avoid changing seats at random. 
  3. Passengers are required to maintain a safe social distance of 1.5 m when boarding the plane and waiting for a shuttle bus.
  4. Before coming on duty, air crew members have their temperatures taken. Air attendants are required to wear masks, full-face shield, gloves and splash-proof isolation gowns. 
  5. The aircraft is equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant, alcohol wipes, and the toilet is equipped with hand sanitizer for passengers to use, Also, sanitizing wipe will be distributed to all passengers on board starting 20th Mar.2021.
  6. Starting from January 1st, 2022, hot meal will be provided in all classes for all routes, with the exception of Economy Class on routes for Hong Kong and Macau, in which cold meal service will be provided. To minimize contact in accordance with health recommendations, there might be changes in the service.
  7. Service items such as magazines and newspapers are no longer provided on any flight. Inflight duty-free service is resumed for all international flights of EVA AIR and UNI AIR departing from Taoyuan and Taipei Airports from Oct. 1st, 2020. In order to achieve safety assurance during pandemic period, in-flight payments accept credit cards only. Except for the flights from/back to Kaohsiung airport, duty-free items can be pre-ordered online for on-board collection, to reduce the possibility of indirect contact.
  8. The air conditioning system on EVA Air aircraft has an efficient air exchange rate that is able to ventilate the entire cabin in 2-3 minutes on average, comfortably providing each passenger with clean air. The air filtration system is equipped with a highly efficient HEPA filter with a 99.97% removal rate, which is able to effectively remove viruses, bacteria and all particles up to 0.3 microns in diameter.

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Cabin disinfection and cleaning


  1. EVA Air pays great attention to cabin cleaning management. All aircraft are thoroughly cleaned before departure, including seats, tables, TV screens, walkways, toilets, and storage spaces above and around the seating area. During the flight, toilets are cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes. 
  2. After returning to Taiwan, aircraft are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a dedicated cleaning team using Calla 1452 professional aircraft disinfectant. Disinfected areas include: tray tables, armrests, seat belts, screens, remote controls, luggage lockers, air vents, reading lights, side panels, windows, toilets, partitions, magazine racks, decorative panels. 
  3. If a seat has been occupied by a passenger that is "suspected" of or "confirmed" as having COVID-19, the entire row, as well as the row in front, the row behind and the area’s toilets will be given an additional deep disinfection.

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Arrival and transfers


  1. Transit passengers arriving in Taoyuan Airport are required to have their temperature taken, sanitize their hands again and wait for their connecting fight in the designated area, as indicated by ground crew holding direction signs.
  2. Baggage arriving at Taoyuan, Songshan and Kaohsiung airports is disinfected before being transferred to a baggage carousel. 
  3. Passengers are required to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m at the baggage counter. Passengers who are unable to maintain social distancing are required to wear a mask.
  4. To comply with the precaution regulations in Taiwan, the disinfection and cleaning for all incoming aircrafts must be strengthened from now on.
    The waiting at the baggage claim will be increased. Thank you for your patience.

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For the latest flight change information and relevant regulations regarding handling fee exemption for ticket refunds and alterations, please visit the EVA Air official website "Coronavirus Disease 2019 Information (COVID-19)".