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Green Travel : EVA Air's Carbon Offset

Contribute to the protection of our planet.

Green Travel : EVA Air's Carbon Offset

Since EVA Air’s founding, we have been committed to the Evergreen Group's spirit: "Caring for Taiwan and Contributing to Society." Faced with the increasingly severe climate change and global warming, the Company, as a member of the global village, is acutely aware that the Earth’s precious resources are non-renewable. Through the establishment and introduction of various management systems, EVA Air has implemented environmentally friendly programs throughout every aspect of our operations and hope our customers can join us in protecting our precious planet.

Green Travel: EVA Air's Carbon Offset Program, is a project dedicated to working with climate and development experts, called Climate Impact Partners. Everyone will be able to calculate their own carbon emissions by using EVA Air's carbon calculator and then choose to offset accordingly by modifying their journey or finances. By offsetting your travel carbon emission, customers will be able to achieve the target of zero-carbon travel.

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