Entertainment TV

Luxurious Seating

The Premium Laurel Class cabin, with its 2-2-2 seating arrangement, is breathtakingly huge. State-of-the-art hard-shell seats recline to an almost flat position without cramping passengers in front or behind. A generous 61~62 -inch seat pitch is made even more comfortable with fully adjustable headrests and footrests, electrically controlled lumbar support and seatbacks and added ergonomic features. Passengers feel as though they never left the comfort of their own homes.

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Hear only what you want to hear

EVA Air’s incredible “Star Gallery” on-board entertainment program with audio/video on demand systems throughout. The advanced system features interactive games, high-fidelity noise-canceling headphones and sharp, clear 10.4-inch (A330-200 ) | 15.4-inch (A330-300) personal video screens in top cabins. Passengers operate the system with individual remote controls or touch screens to enjoy their favorite television programs, movies, music or video games. It’s an enthralling way to travel and makes flight time pass all too quickly.


Your mobile office

Seats are equipped with 110-volt power outlets, individually adjustable LED reading lamps and retractable dividers that maximize privacy. SMS & e-mail service and individual satellite phones enable passengers to easily connect with anyone, anywhere at any time.


  • Services and amenities may vary across different cabins and routes.
  • Please refer to actual specifications and amenities onboard our fleet.


Supreme comfort

Excellent products for discerning travelers. You can go on vacation but caring for your skin should never stop. EVA Air offers all Premium Laurel Class travelers an exclusive overnight kit consisting of a cleanser and other treatments. This kit will help every traveler avoid the ravages of dry air to help them arrive at their destination looking refreshed and aglow. A feather quilt and pillow will help you stay warm and cozy during the longest of flights.

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Five-star food

Cuisines from all over the world are served up aboard EVA Air's Premium Laurel Class, giving passengers a wide range of dishes to choose from. In addition, fine appetizers, desserts and a salad bar are available exclusively in the Premium Laurel Class cabin.

For a truly memorable dining experience, great meals should be served on the finest china. EVA Air’s inflight tableware has been exclusively designed to bring out the best in our inflight cuisine.

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Before Your Flight

Access to VIP lounges

In the spirit of the high regard it holds for its passengers, EVA Air invites Business, Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Class travelers to use comfortable VIP lounges in all the airports it serves.

Before Your Flight

Exclusive check-in counter

EVA Air’s ground-service crews are skilled professionals whose abilities are in tune with passengers’ requirements. Though they have only brief contact with each passenger, the high standard of service they provide immediately becomes evident. Passengers experience smooth, fast and personalized service every time they travel because the service provided by EVA Air’s ground staff comes straight from the heart.

Before Your Flight

Baggage privileges

As a Royal Laurel Class passenger, you can enjoy a number of baggage privileges when you check in and special tag for expeditious baggage loading and unloading. For further information, please visit Baggage Allowances webpage.

Ground Positions

Priority Baggage unloading

A Premium Laurel passenger will enjoy expeditious baggage loading and unloading service. Your checked baggage get priority treatment and are among the first to be unloaded.