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Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines

About Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines, the Croatian flag carrier, was registered under the name of Zagreb Airlines d.d. in 1989. Since July 1990, the company has been operating under its present name. Croatia Airlines is a full-service carrier that provides domestic and international air passenger and cargo transport services.

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Croatia Airlines

Earning Miles on Star Alliance Partners - Mileage Table

Cabin ClassPurchased Fare ClassMile Earned
Cabin ClassBusinessPurchased Fare ClassC/D/ZMile EarnedActual miles x 130%
Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassA/F/B/M/Y/HMile EarnedActual miles x 100%
Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassQ/S/V/W/J/K/OMile EarnedActual miles x 50%
No mileage accrualPurchased Fare ClassI/X/E/L/T/G/U/R/N/PMile Earned0%


  • Effective Jan.01, 2014(Travel Date)*O:0%→50%