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Miles & Cash

Miles & Cash

Now you can use miles as cash when buying tickets via the EVA Air website! You can still use your miles to buy a ticket even if you don’t have enough to redeem for an award ticket or award upgrade. Just purchase tickets online and you’re free to pay in cash only or a combination of miles and cash.

Usage details:

When you book tickets via the EVA Air website (, you can use miles to fully or partially pay for EVA Air/UNI Air-operated international flight tickets. Note: There is a minimum number of mileage required when using Miles & Cash.

  • Please log in with your membership ID before purchasing the ticket (the account owner must be an adult). 


  • During the payment process, select Miles/Cash if that’s how you want to pay for the ticket. Then select the amount of mileage to be deducted from your own account or transferred. Click "Yes" to confirm payment with mileage, and drag your cursor to choose the desired amount of mileage you want to use. The Miles & Cash option will not be displayed if your account has not yet reached a minimum of the required mileage.



1. This benefit applies only to online point-to-point ticket purchases. Miles & Cash cannot be used for transactions made with other promotions or channels (Promo Codes, Student/Working Holiday Tickets, Happy Hours, Bank Discounts, Corporate Internet Bookings), multi-city, and stopovers.

2. The deduction made will be based on a single transaction. For example, if there are several passengers in a single transaction, the deduction will be divided proportionally between these passengers based on their ticket costs.(Note: Infant ticket is not applicable) 

3. Only owned or transferred mile from the logged-in account owner (account owner must be an adult and must be among ticketed travelers) can be used for the deduction. When 2 or more passengers are ticketed in a single Miles & Cash transaction, mileage cannot also be deducted from the other passengers’ accounts. Miles & Cash will not be available if your account has not yet reached a minimum of required mileage.

4. The deduction can only be applied to the ticket price, and not to taxes, the fuel surcharge, additional service charges (prepaid baggage, seats requiring added fees, etc.). 

5. This benefit cannot be used for Class A seats to/from all destinations. EVA Air reserves the right to change applicable seating classes without notice. 

6. Miles & Cash can be paid for BR international tickets involved BR/B7 flights, and cannot be applied to shuttle bus/train fares, flights operated by other airlines or codeshare flights. Due to system limitation of interline carriers, the transaction could be failed if your itinerary involve flights with carrier PG/GA. In that case, we suggest not to use Miles & Cash option. 

7. Mileage earned from the flight(s) will be based on the member's ticket class and credited only to his or her "Infinity MileageLands" account. Mileage cannot be to other airlines’ frequent flyer programs. 

8. Mileage accumulation, flight sectors and cabin-class upgrades will be processed according to current "Infinity MileageLands" terms and conditions.   

9. Refunds for tickets purchased partially or entirely with miles: Completely unused tickets will be refunded in cash for the portion of the tickets purchased with cash, plus taxes and miles will be returned to the account holder who made the booking if that mileage is still valid on the application date for the refund. Partially used ticket will be refunded in cash for unused flight segments and taxes, but mileage cannot be refunded. 

10. EVA Air reserves the right to change pricing and terms of ticketing without notice.