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Self Check-in (Kiosk)

Check-in at an airport kiosk

EVA Airways offers self check-in service at variuos airports, you can enjoy the convenience of obtaining your boarding passes or baggage tags from airport check-in kiosk.

Self Check-in Service

Currently applicable airports

  • Taipei SongShan Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Toronto Airport, Los Angeles Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Seattle Airport.

Notes: The Airport check-in kiosk with bag tags printing service: Hong Kong Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Singapore Changi Airport and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Hours of operation: Check-in closes 60 minutes before flight scheduled departure (The actual operation hours may differ according to the kiosk specification of each airport.)

Advantages of this service

  • You don’t have to stand in line at a check-in counter. Touch screens and step-by-step instructions allow you to quickly complete check-in formalities.
  • You may choose an available seat using the seat map.
  • Boarding passes and bag tags are printed as you wait.
  • Service is available in following languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, French and German.

Ineligible passengers

  • Passengers whose reservation has not been confirmed.
  • Passengers who have no an electronic ticket.
  • Passengers requiring special assistance.
  • Passengers with an infant under 2 years of age.
  • Check-in with more than 2 connecting flights, ex NRT-TPE-BKK-CDG-MUC.

Steps for kiosk check-in

Step 1: Select ‘EVA Airways’ on the home screen.

Step 2: Confirm the following items cannot be brought onboard.

ENG step2

Step 3: Select the figure of check-in passengers. Please be noticed that passengers in the same booking reference can check-in together, otherwise, please check-in separately.

ENG step3

Step 4: Once your booking has been retrieved, place your passport, photo page face down, on the reader.

ENG step4

Step 5: Select your preferred method to search your reservation.

  • BARCODE/QR CODE: You can scan the Bar or QR code on (1) Electronic ticket receipt, (2) web online check-in boarding pass, or (3) APP QR code boarding pass.
  • Six-character EVA Air booking reference number with combing number and alphabet.
  • 13-digit eTicket number.
  • Infinity MileageLands Card: You can choose (1) input your Infinity MileageLands membership number, (2) insert your membership card, or (3) scan membership QR code. Only allow EVA Infinity MileageLands Card.

ENG step5

Step 6:Input the requested data corresponding in the way you selected in step 5.

ENG step6

Step 7: If you would like to register your mileage, tap the “UPDATE” button.

ENG step7

Step 8: If you would like to change your seat selection, tap the "CHANGE SEAT" button.

ENG step8

Step 9: Select the passenger who would like to check-in baggage.

ENG step9

(Note: Service available at airport with self-tagging function.)

Step 10: Select the number of bags you’re checking in for each passenger. If you have more than 4 bags, please contact EVA Air counter.

(Note: Service available at airport with self-tagging function.)

ENG step10

Step 11: Collect your baggage tags.

(Note: Service available at airport with self-tagging function.)

ENG step11

Step 12: Collect your boarding passes and lounge invitation card.

ENG step12

Step 13: Check-in complete! Please check the information and head for boarding gate earlier for further document check.

ENG step13