Reminder for Bringing Refrigeration Belongings

  • Due to limited refrigeration space on board, effective from APR/15/2017, we are unable to offer passengers the ability to store and refrigerate personal belongings in the chiller.
  • Below are items that are often carried by passengers and may require refrigeration on board, when you bring those items on board, we suggest that you prepare your personal cooler bag or vacuum flask with ice gel packs or dry ice inside to chill your food items:
  1. Food: Cake, Dessert and Souvenir food items, etc.; 
  2. Drinks: Dairy Product, Juice, Alcohol, etc.;
  3. Medication: Antibiotics, Insulin, eye drops, etc.; 
  4. Others: Breast milk.
  • You may bring ice gel packs into the cabin, the volume of each individual ice gel pack brought into the cabin shall not exceed 100 ml and shall be placed in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag to comply with the security controls under the carriage of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAG) in hand baggage by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Please refer to Taoyuan International Airport website for more detailed information.
  • If you bring dry ice into the cabin, the quantity of dry ice must be less than 2.5 kg (5 lbs) and suitably packed to allow CO2 gases to evaporate freely to assure inflight safety. In addition, you must inform airport staff that you are bringing dry ice on board at the time of check-in. Airport staff will place the dry ice tag on your hand baggage or checked baggage in which dry ice is carried.