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As Passenger Demand Climbs, EVA Orders Five More Boeing 787-9s Also adding Premium Economy Class to current two-cabin configuration

Mar 31, 2023

EVA Air ordered five more Boeing 787-9s following approval by its board of directors on March 13, 2023. The deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2025 and be completed in 2027. And, starting in mid-2024, EVA will update and reconfigure its 787-9s to add its popular Premium Economy Class to the Royal Laurel and Economy options now available on the aircraft. Inclusion of this latest 787 order will increase the number of B787s in EVA’s fleet to a total of 26, 13 B787-9s and 13 B787-10s. More information about EVA’s fleet and cabin services, in addition to its routes and booking choices, is available at 

“We will put our new Boeing 787-9s to work on long-haul routes to Europe and North America. The introduction of Premium Economy on these aircraft will meet growing operational needs and make our flights even more attractive to passengers,” said EVA President Clay Sun. “We will continue to offer two cabin choices on our Boeing 787-10s and use them for flights within Asia and to Oceania.”

Boeing designed its 787 Dreamliners with lighter composite construction, using materials such as carbon fiber. More than 50% of the aircraft’s total weight comes from these kinds of advanced materials, significantly reducing the aircraft’s overall weight and likelihood of metal fatigue or corrosion, lowering maintenance costs. By choosing to use advanced GEnx engines, EVA is also shrinking fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, compared to the power systems used on traditional wide-body aircraft. These high fuel efficiencies combined with range capabilities equip EVA to further enhance operational performances and passenger services.

Boeing equips its 787s with advanced air filtration system that improve cabin air. It constructs the fuselage with a combination of composite materials that make it more airtight. The cabin humidity equipment Boeing uses on the 787s can be adjusted three-to-four times higher, making the inflight atmosphere less drying compared to other aircraft. Boeing also designed its 787s so that cabin pressure can be controlled to a degree that causes altitude to feel like the optimal 6,000 ft. instead of the standard 8,000 ft., reducing headaches and fatigue. 

EVA operates a fleet of 85 aircraft, consisting of 77 passenger and eight cargo aircraft. An additional four Boeing 787-9s, seven Boeing 787-10s and one Boeing 777F from previous orders are scheduled to be delivered before 2025.