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EVA Mileage Hotel

EVA Mileage Hotel - Smart Use & Earning of Your Mileage

EVA Mileage Hotel is now launched online! Book your accommodation straight away! You can earn award miles for your stay or pay part of your room fare with miles + cash options.

Reserve your stay and plan your getaway with Infinity MileageLands!

  1. Login: Log into EVA Mileage Hotel with your EVA AIR Infinity MileageLands Account before completing your hotel transaction. Not a member? Sign up here.
  2. Book Online: Choose from accommodations around the world. The amount of award miles to be earned will be shown prior to completing your payment.
  3. Earn Miles: The award miles will be credited to your Infinity MileageLands account within 2 weeks after completing your stay. You can check your latest mileage status in “Your Reservations” section in EVA Mileage Hotel platform.
  4. Redeem Miles: You can use miles + cash to book your accommodation. Your miles will be deducted from your account immediately once the booking is completed, and the system will automatically deduct the miles that expire first (self-owned mileage will be deducted first). You can check your latest miles status in “Your Reservations” section in EVA Mileage Hotel platform. Reservations made with miles+ cash will not be eligible for mileage accumulation.


  1. By clicking “Book Now”, you will leave the EVA official website ( You will be transferred from the EVA official website to a Rocket Travel Platform, a third party website powered by Rocket Travel, Inc in partnership with Points.
  2. The Rocket Travel Platform is powered by Rocket Travel in partnership with Points. EVA Air and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any products, services or other benefits provided by Rocket Travel in partnership with Points. Rocket Travel’s terms and conditions apply to such transactions and payments processed.
  3. EVA Air strongly recommends that “Infinity MileageLands” Member reads the terms and conditions. By utilizing the Rocket Travel Platform, “Infinity MileageLands” Member agrees to abide by the terms and conditions imposed by Rocket Travel with respect to use of the Rocket Travel Platform.
  4. Miles earned through EVA Mileage Hotel cannot be counted toward membership upgrades or renewals.
  5. By making a transaction via EVA Mileage Hotel, you acknowledge that you have read the relevant provisions herein carefully and agree to be bound by them. EVA Air may amend the rules from time to time and publish the amendments on the website. Transactions completed before the amendment will not be affected.
  6. In addition to the provisions of the Rules, the rules for “Earning Mileage/Mileage Redemption” of Infinity MileageLands also apply. If any rules herein are inconsistent with, or conflict with, the rules in the “Earning Mileage/Mileage Redemption” of Infinity MileageLands, the terms herein shall prevail.