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Special Baggage

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Cabin Luggage

Any unchecked items occupying extra seats are charged and considered as Cabin Luggage (CBBG). These include urns, Buddhist statues, carved statues, musical instruments and other fragile/valuable items. If you would like to purchase an extra seat for CBBG, please contact the EVA Air Reservation office to provide the type/dimensions/weight (after fully packing, and the box cannot be fragile) before your flight departs.

To properly secure your cabin luggage, the following regulations are applied:

  • All cabin luggage must have hard packing on each side (e.g., a suitcase) or be packed into a secure and strong box (with handle(s) is recommended for easy seatbelt fastening). The package material cannot be soft bags (e.g., plastic bags) or be made of glass to avoid any harm to passengers or seats.
  • If the CBBG is a non-square shape, such as an idol, Buddha statue, or a vase, etc., it must be packed in a strong box. Please note that the accessories (including headwear, etc.) of the statue must be enclosed in a strong box and the contents cannot protrude outside the box. Also, items in the box must not injure passengers during taxiing, takeoff, landing or if flight turbulence occurs.
Cabin luggage regulations (example of Buddhist statue)
  • Box with rigid packaging definition: The contents and the packaging will not be damaged or bent out of shape when the CBBG is secured with seat belts.
  • One seat can be occupied by one CBBG only. Each CBBG must not exceed 70kg/154lb per seat and the dimensions (after proper packing) must comply with all requirements. Please click the cabin luggage acceptable dimensions.
  • Passengers travelling with a CBBG must book and confirm on EVA Air/UNI Air-operated international flights no later than 48 hours prior to flight departure (CBBG online booking is not available).
  • There's no free carry-on or checked baggage allowance for cabin luggage. The passenger's free luggage allowance will remain unchanged.
  • Must be assigned an extra seat in the first row behind the partition or the last row in front of the partition by EVA Air Reservation.
  • Must be secured in a seat adjacent or near to the passenger and comply with all safety regulations.
  • Both passengers and luggage must not change seats during the flight.
  • Must not obscure any customer's view of the "seatbelt", "no smoking" or "exit" signs.
  • Must not contain dangerous goods or other prohibited items.
  • Must not endanger the aircraft, or persons or property on board the aircraft.
  • You must identify yourself at the boarding gate at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time for CBBG handling procedures.

Cabin baggage is the item(s) that you carry with you into the aircraft cabin and which is kept in your custody during the flight. EVA Air will assist in securing the item(s) but is not liable for any damage or loss of the cabin baggage unless such damage or loss is caused by EVA Air's negligence. If the CBBG has no proper packing, is not in accordance with the related regulations, or if passengers disagree with the handling of the luggage, the luggage will not be accepted as a CBBG for safety reasons. EVA Air is entitled to accept it as checked baggage or refuse such items on board. To ensure the smoothness of Cabin Baggage handling procedures, check in at the counter two hours prior to departure.

If you have a Cabin Baggage request, please click and fill out the Cabin Baggage Declaration Form and fax to the EVA Air Reservation office. Remember that passengers travelling with CBBG must book and confirm on EVA Air/UNI Air-operated international flights no later than 48 hours prior to flight departure with an EVA Air agent (CBBG online booking is not available).