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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Enrollment in Infinity MileageLands is limited to individuals. Members should confirm personal information (including but not limited to the name, birthday, mailing address and email address) provided is correct at time of application. Each Infinity MileageLands account belongs to a specific member and cannot be transferred to any other.
  2. Members can download EVA Mobile App digital membership cards to confirm their membership information. If you’re a Silver card, Gold card or Diamond card member, you will receive plastic card (except the Silver/Gold status you acquire from Australia HSBC Star Alliance Credit Card). In case of loss of your membership card, please visit the EVA Air website: or contact your local EVA Air office or the Infinity MileageLands service center to reissue it immediately.
  3. EVA Air reserves the following rights:
    1. To modify and/or discontinue the Infinity MileageLands program at any time.
    2. To modify the terms and conditions of the Infinity MileageLands program at any time.
    Please refer to the EVA Air website or contact the Infinity MileageLands service center for updated information. EVA Air reserves the right to terminate and withdraw rights and benefits of members in the case of violations of these General Terms and Conditions, and to claim compensation for damages suffered in connection with such violations.
  4. Members may check or update personal information associated with their Infinity MileageLands account.
    1. Members can call at any of our Infinity MileageLands service centers in person.
    2. Request any of our Infinity MileageLands service centers via fax or mail. (Please print and fill out the Member Data Change Application Form from the EVA Air website. Only the member or a person legally authorized by the member may do this.)
    3. Check or modify your Infinity MileageLands membership personal data via EVA Air website Manage My Account page.
  5. A travel agency or a hotel information (including but not limited to mailing address, contact number and email address) cannot be used as part of member's personal information.
  6. EVA Air will notify or deliver information relevant to a member based on the personal information provided. Members shall keep their personal information up-to-date. EVA Air is not responsible for any loss and disadvantage to member benefits caused by incorrect personal information or other reasons not attributable to EVA Air.
  7. For security reasons, each member should keep their own membership number and password in a safe place. Please do not reveal your membership number and password to other persons. All online services accessed using the membership number and password will be treated as authorized by the member. EVA Air will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred due to the illegal use of the membership number and password, unless such circumstances are solely attributable to EVA Air.
  8. Please present your membership card for entry to all EVA Air and partners' facilities to receive membership benefit entitlements. EVA Air reserves the right to refuse entry/entitlements to any member who fails to adhere to these regulations.
  9. Members may terminate their Infinity MileageLands membership by sending a Membership Termination Application Form in writing as well required documents to the Infinity MileageLands service center at any time.
  10. Membership is automatically terminated for deceased individuals.
  11. Once a membership is terminated, all information, accrued mileage, and electronic upgrade certificates related to the specified account or any other membership privileges will automatically become invalid and erased.
  12. Transferred mileage cannot be combined with a nominee's own mileage (including earned miles, purchased miles and reinstated miles) or any mileage transferred by a third party.
  13. Mileage and flight sectors cannot be earned with tickets bearing carrier code BR/B7 but operated by other airlines. With the exception of specific code-share flights, accumulation regulations will prevail. For more information, please contact your Infinity MileageLands service center. To ensure proper credit for accumulated mileage, please always make your reservation in your name exactly as it appears on your membership card. Mileage for a particular flight cannot be accumulated in more than one program simultaneously. It is not permitted to transfer the mileage accumulated in your Infinity MileageLands account to any other carrier's program; nor can members transfer mileage accumulated in another carrier's program to the Infinity MileageLands program.
  14. Mileage accumulation is based on the lower class of the actual ticket class and actual flown class. EVA Air retains the right to determine the final mileage credit. EVA Air reserves the right to rectify any inconsistency with regard to a member's mileage accumulation.
  15. EVA Air cannot be held accountable for countries/areas where mileage accumulation in the Infinity MileageLands award program is illegal or unenforceable, and such an award program will no longer apply.
  16. Members grant that EVA Air will obtain and use a members’ e-mail addresses or mailing address to deliver information relevant to our customers in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Cookies statement and the applicable guidelines for Collection of Personal Information. Such information includes transaction information, services, special privileges, mileage statements, card tier expiry notices and notices of special privileges for members. EVA Air will make known on the correspondence that it is the sender.
  17. If events beyond the control of EVA Air, such as civil disturbances, war, strikes, or acts of God, etc. that will materially affect our ability to provide awards, the program may be in part or in whole be suspended/ terminated or cease to be applicable in the areas affected by such events.
  18. Members are not allowed to buy or sell Infinity MileageLands membership benefits, including but not limited to buying or selling miles, upgrade certificate, and other privileges. After investigation, if a member is found to have violated or is suspected of violating this regulation, EVA Air reserves the right to suspend or disqualify the membership and rights of the member. It may withdraw offers, take back transferred miles or award tickets, and cancel award redemptions, etc. In case of disputes among members, EVA Air may take necessary measures and adjust accounts after adjudication, including but not limited to restoring membership and rights, or disposals prescribed in the preceding paragraph. Anyone who disseminates information that violates these rules through any media is deemed in violation. The same applies to those who entrust others to act in violation of these rules.
  19. EVA Air reserves the right to terminate membership of those who violate public order, endanger flight safety, obstruct public interest, or prevent the sound use of its services.
  20. EVA Air reserves the right to take all necessary and appropriate legal actions to disqualify members from further participation in the program if such members fail to follow Infinity MileageLands program policies and procedures or makes false representations.
  21. If any violations of these General Terms and Conditions or applicable regulations of membership benefits occur, EVA Air reserves the right to audit or investigate the membership account.
  22. EVA Air’s waiver of any violation of rules shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or any subsequent violations.
  23. Regulations for Partners
    1. Partners" means airlines, banks, car rental companies, hotels or other entities other than EVA Air/UNI Air who provide products, services, or other benefits to members, including but not limited to those who may permit the accrual or redemption of mileage by members.
    2. EVA Air and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any products, services or other benefits provided by participating companies and partners. Members should read the terms and conditions imposed by participating companies and partners carefully before accepting such products, services or benefits to protect their rights and interests. The partners are independent entities, and EVA Air is not responsible for the nature or quality of any products or services provided by the relevant partners, nor for any other acts or omissions by partners. Details of specific partner offers will be published. Please visit EVA Air website for updated information.
    3. Mileage accumulation, redemption offers, member card tier and its validity, and other benefits offered to members by a partner for utilizing a partner’s product or service may vary based on membership status or other factors.
  24. You acknowledge and agree that your participation in the program will be governed by these General Terms and Conditions, and you have to read and understand all of them.