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Market and Sales Overview


Founded in March 1989, EVA Air, a one-hundred-percent privately owned Taiwanese airline, is the sister company of Evergreen Marine Corporation, which is the world famous shipping line in terms of container operation.  Since the inauguration of its maiden flight on July 01, 1991, EVA Air is currently serving 62 destinations over four continents, except Africa, with 85 aircraft and is still steadily expanding its operation network and fleet. 

Chairman:Lin Bou-Shiu
President:Sun Chia-Ming

Major Shareholder:
Evergreen Marine Corporation
Evergreen International Corporation



Market Capitalization as of June 30, 2024:
NT$ 206,026,951 thousand 

Shares Outstanding as of June 30, 2024:
Common Stock: 5,400,444 thousand shares


EVA Air's Quality Assurance:

Safety and Convenience
Excellent Service
Customer Satisfaction

EVA Air's Affiliate: (As of Mar. 31, 2024)

Company% of ownership
Company Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp.% of ownership 55.05%
Company Evergreen Airline Services Corporation% of ownership 56.33%
Company Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation% of ownership 49.8%
Company *Everfamily International Foods Corp.% of ownership 55%
Company Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corporation% of ownership 60.625%
Company Evergreen Airways Service (Macau) Ltd.% of ownership 99%
Company Hsiang-Li Investment Corporation% of ownership 100%
Company PT Perdana Andalan Air Service% of ownership 51%
Company Sky Castle Investment Ltd.% of ownership 100%
Company EVA Flight Training Academy% of ownership 100%

*Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation's Affiliate

Major Shareholders:(As of Mar. 31, 2024)

EntityNumber of SharesPercentage
Entity Evergreen International Corp.Number of Shares 532,296,304Percentage 9.86%
Entity Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd.Number of Shares 401,139,111Percentage 7.43%
Entity Falcon Investment Services Ltd.Number of Shares 265,904,482Percentage 4.92%
Entity Evergreen Steel Corp.Number of Shares 196,202,763Percentage 3.63%
Entity Chang, Yung-Fa (deceased)Number of Shares 131,970,122Percentage 2.44%
Entity Norges BankNumber of Shares 77,665,685Percentage 1.44%
Entity New Labor Pension FundNumber of Shares 75,772,598Percentage 1.40%
Entity Evergreen International Storage & Transport Corp.Number of Shares 40,640,013Percentage 0.75%
Entity JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., Taipei Branch in Custody for Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund., a Series of Vanguard Star FundsNumber of Shares 35,383,943Percentage 0.66%
Entity Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund., a Series of Vanguard International Equity Index FundsNumber of Shares 30,324,760Percentage 0.56%