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Online Check-in

Mobile device, web browser on PC or self-service check-in kiosk! Choose your favorite way to check in easily and swiftly.

Checking in online is very convenient

Save your time by doing online check-in and obtaining your boarding pass right away.

Check-in time

Online check-in

If you are EVA Air or UNI Air international flight passengers, you can check in online and obtain your boarding pass between 48 hours to 1 hour before departure at official website to save time at the airport.

  • If you are unable to obtain your boarding pass online, please report to the airport counter to collect your boarding pass, and check in your bags no later than 1 hour prior to departure.
  • With a self-print boarding pass and no bags to check in, please arrive at the boarding gate no later than 30 minutes prior to departure to have your travel documents inspected by our staff.

Customs clearance time may vary depending on airport operations. Please refer to the airport information on our website.

Worldwide Airports Information

Why can’t I print out the boarding pass?

You will not be able to print out the boarding pass after completing online check-in if the following occasion applies. In that case, please contact the ground staff and collect your boarding pass at the airport counter.

  • The departure airport does not support self-print boarding pass service.
  • To ensure the rights of the cardholder, passengers who purchase the ticket over the phone or online using credit cards (without EMV 3-D Secure) cannot print out the boarding pass. Passengers must present the credit card used to purchase the tickets for inspection while doing check-in for the first flight segment at the airport counter.
  • Passengers whose route includes a sector that is not eligible for the self-print boarding pass service will not be able to print boarding passes for any sectors of their voyage.

Four steps to complete online check in

check in boarding pass

Step 1: Purchase a ticket from EVA AIR.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate platform to check in.

Step 3: Fill out the personal information.

Step 4: Get/Print your boarding pass.

Self-service Baggage Drop

Self Service Baggage Drop

EVA Airways offers a self-service baggage drop in Taoyuan Metro A1 Taipei Main Station, A3 New Taipei Industrial Park, and Taoyuan Airport T2, counter 16 and 17 to provide you a more efficient and easier way to check your bag.

More information, please refer to Self-service Baggage Drop.

For more information, please refer to FAQ.

FAQ for Online Check in