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Baggage Information

General Information Checked Baggage Carry-on Baggage

General Information

  • Baggage refers to items that passengers must carry for wearing, using, convenience and comfort during their journey, including checked and unchecked baggage.  If you carry more than the free baggage allowance, you may be required to pay relevant baggage fees.
  • In order to prevent baggage handlers from getting hurt and troubles at some airports, baggage over 32kg(70lbs) must be repacked before they can be accepted as checked baggage. The weight limit restriction refers to a single item and will not affect the baggage allowance or excess baggage fee of your trip.
  • You need to contact EVA Air Reservation office 48 hours prior to your departure if you meet the following criteria:
  •  - Carry more than 10 pieces of checked baggage individually
     - The item cannot be repacked and weighing more than 32kg(70lbs) and less than or equal to 45kg(100lbs)
       Note: For other special baggage and dangerous goods rules, please refer to related webpages.
  • Before accepting some special baggage, you may be asked to provide photos of baggage before and after packing to the Reservation office. After obtaining the approval, the baggage will be accepted and excess baggage charges may apply. Remind you EVA Air reserves the right to refuse carriage of overweight or oversized items.
  • Baggage cannot be accepted as checked baggage and should be delivered as cargo only when the total linear dimensions are over 292cm(115in) or the weight over 45kg(100lbs). However, special baggage such as pets, mobility aids, sports equipment and other special baggage are subject to other regulations. Please check the relevant webpages or contact EVA Air Reservation Office.
  • EVA Air's liability is limited for loss of, damage to, or delay in delivery of any perishable property and baggage with inadequate packing, and for damage to or damage caused by fragile articles, liquids or perishables. EVA Air’s liability for the following items is also limited in accordance with the relevant convention governing international air travel: medicines, orthotics (medical support devices), money, jewelry, silverware, negotiable papers, securities, business/personal documents, spirits, books/manuscripts, optics, keys, publications, blueprints, paintings/works of arts, sound reproduction equipment, business samples, artistic items, irreplaceable items, photographs, business equipment, natural fur products, antiques, heirlooms, collectibles, artifacts, precious metals/stones, photographic/audio/video equipment and related items, computer hardware/software and electronic components/equipment…etc.
  • To prevent any potential damage to your baggage, please do not choose complicated, bump out design, light or poor density material baggage. Store any outer strap, hook and other accessories from your baggage before check-in.
  • At the check-in counter, please make sure that your baggage is tagged to the correct flight and destination. The numbers of baggage receipt and your checked baggage should be identical as well.