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Inflight Entertainment Service

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Inflight Wireless Internet

EVA Air offers inflight Wi-Fi for all cabin classes onboard 787, 777-300ER, and A330-300 aircraft.

Inflight Wi-Fi is sold onboard by our supplier, Panasonic Avionics, by data plan.

Business Class passengers who purchase Up, Standard, Basic, Premium Economy Class, or Economy Class passengers who purchase Up can enjoy the complimentary Inflight Wi-Fi Service on the long-haul routes operated by EVA Air. Please consult to Fare Family Special Offer for additional information.

If your tickets are not applicable to the complimentary Inflight Wi-Fi service, or you want to purchase extra data plans, please refer to the following table and purchase onboard.
Data planPriceSuggestions
Data plan30 minutes Complimentary Web BrowsingPriceUSD 0SuggestionsWebsites browsing, Texting
Data planLite Messaging Plan 30MBPriceUSD 4.95SuggestionsTexting
Data planStandard Plan 100MBPriceUSD 14.95SuggestionsWebsites browsing, pictures downloading.
Data planBusiness Plan 300MBPriceUSD 29.95SuggestionsSocial media browsing and sharing
Data planUltimate PlanPriceUSD 39.95SuggestionsMedia streaming

Note 1: Inflight Wi-Fi is not applicable for online games, software/clouds updating,VOIP sevice and P2P.Media streaming only suitable for Ultimate Plan.

Note 2 : The usage benchmarks for various online activities are as follows: 1 email (without attachment) = 0.02 MB, 1-2 messages on messaging apps = 0.1 MB, 1 social media status update = 0.4 MB. Actual file sizes may vary depending on usage.

Note 3: All data plans are limited to use within the same flight (restricted by flight number and flight date) in which it's purchased. For instance, a passenger with itinerary BR67/01JAN TPE-LHR, his remaining data on BR67/01JAN TPE-BKK can be used on BR67/01Jan BKK-LHR.

Note 4: The in-flight wireless network (EVA Wi-Fi) offers "30-minute complimentary Wi-Fi experience" for all cabin classes until July 31, 2024. Once activated, the timer cannot be paused, and video streaming services are not supported.

Applicable devices & Limitations

Any electronic device that can connect to a wireless network, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, can use the inflight Wi-Fi.

This service is only available at altitudes above 10,000 feet. Due to the use of satellite transmission for inflight Wi-Fi, the network cannot be accessed in areas where satellite signals are not available, such as the polar regions.

To ensure the rights of other passengers, this service cannot be connected to websites that violate good manners and customs.

Optimize data using

To enjoy a smoother Wi-Fi connection experience, we recommend that you:

  • Enable low data/power-saving mode.
  • Avoid high-bandwidth network activities such as playing mobile games or transferring large files. Live streaming is not supported on inflight Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off automatic media downloads.
  • Turn off software/app updates, cloud backups, and background app refreshes.

Please note that the actual connection speed and experience of the inflight Wi-Fi may differ from the ground network. The following factors may affect it: the number of users, the device's running functions, satellite signals, weather conditions, and regulations for flying over different airspaces."


Inflight Mobile SMS and Data Roaming Service

Mobile SMS and data roaming are also available on select 777-300ER aircraft, allowing you to connect to a partnered telecoms provider to send SMS text messages and enjoy special Internet roaming rates.

Your phone will automatically connect to the AeroMobile network after disabling Airplane Mode. You can start to use the service after receiving a welcome text message from AeroMobile.

This service is provided by AeroMobile on partner mobile operators only. Please check with your home mobile operator for AeroMobile service availability and rates.

  • To avoid incurring unexpected data-transmitting charges, please make sure that your data roaming setting is disabled.
  • You may start using the roaming service by disabling Airplane Mode after the flight is above 20,000 feet.
  • SMS and data roaming services will not be available above certain regions, including the Arctic, Antarctica, and the United States.
  • As a courtesy to other passengers, please ensure that your mobile is set to vibrate or silent mode. Voice calls are currently not allowed.
  • If you have any questions on the service or billing, please contact your home mobile operator directly.

Satellite Phone

You can make an Air-to-Ground call to your loved ones and friends by using our satellite phone service on all of the A330-200s, A330-300s, and selected 777-300ER.

For detailed instructions, please consult our in-flight Star Galley magazine.

In-seat 110V AC Outlet and USB Port

With our in-seat power outlets that adapt to all kinds of electrical plugs, business travelers can work efficiently on their laptops throughout the flight. AC outlets are available in all our Royal Laurel Class, Premium Laurel Class, and Premium Economy Class seats, as well as in the Economy Class of 787, 777-300ER, and A330-300 aircraft. Seats have built-in 110V, maximum output power is 100W.

The USB(Type A) ports of 787, 777-300ER, and A330-300 aircraft are for power charging only.