Awards & Honours

EVA Air, a steadfast advocate of innovation, has been devoted to expanding its service portfolio since 1989.

In June 2016, EVA Air received a SKYTRAX 5-star airline rating, the highest honor in the industry.

Not only does this international accolade provide evidence for, and recognition of, EVA Air’s extraordinary commitment to flight safety and customer service, but it also translates into an endless challenge of sustained excellence, a continual pursuit of safety and a devotion to maintaining customer satisfaction as well as in-flight perfection!

Awards Won in 2019:

MonthHonors/AwardsAccolade-awarding Magazine/OrganizationRegion
JanJACDEC Airline Safety Ranking No.12JACDECGermany
JanWorld's Top 20 Safest AirlinesAirlineRating.comAustralia
FebBest Business Class SparklingBusiness TravellerUK
FebBest-Presented Business Class Wine ListBusiness TravellerUK
AprTop-10 World's Best Airline Award - 3rd placeTripAdvisorUS
AprTravelers' Choice Major Airline in AsiaTripAdvisorUS
AprBest Business Class in AsiaTripAdvisorUS
AprBest Premium Economy Class in AsiaTripAdvisorUS
May英國運輸業雜誌Onboard Hospitality所頒發「最佳商務艙過夜包(Georg Jensen)」、「最佳商務艙過夜包(Salvatore Ferragamo)」、「最佳豪華經濟艙過夜包(Sport b.)」、「最佳經濟艙紡織品」國際旅遊餐飲和機上服務用品博覽會WTCE(World Travel Catering & Onboard Services EXPO)歐美
May加拿大專業航空雜誌PAX International頒發「最佳亞洲經濟艙過夜包(Sport b.)」國際旅遊餐飲和機上服務用品博覽會WTCE(World Travel Catering & Onboard Services EXPO)歐美
May全球知名雜誌TravelPlus頒發「最佳豪華經濟艙過夜包(FURLA)」國際旅遊餐飲和機上服務用品博覽會WTCE(World Travel Catering & Onboard Services EXPO)歐美
JunWorld's Top 10 Airlines - 6th placeSKYTRAXUK
JunWorld's Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness - 1st placeSKYTRAXUK
JunWorld's Best Economy Class Catering - 1st placeSKYTRAXUK
JunWorld's Best Airport Services - 4th placeSKYTRAXUK
JunBest Airlines in Asia - 4th placeSKYTRAXUK
JunBest Business Class Comfort Amenities - 4th placeSKYTRAXUK
JunWorld's Best Airline Cabin Crew - 5th placeSKYTRAXUK
JunBest Airline Staff in Asia - 6th placeSKYTRAXUK
JunBest Economy Class Airline Seats - 7th placeSKYTRAXUK
JunWorld's Best Economy Class Airlines - 10th placeSKYTRAXUK
Jun5-Star AirlineSKYTRAXUK
Aug全球最佳國際線航空公司(Top-10 International Airlines 2019)-第5名Travel + LeisureUS