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Customer Commitment

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Baggage Information

Regarding to the transportation of musical instruments and lost or damage baggage, please click Excess Baggage and Other Optional Fees and Delayed / Missing / Damaged Baggage.

Assignment of Seats to Children under the Age of 14 Years

According to Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) APPR, for passengers who are travelling on EVA Air/UNI Air operated flights to/from Canada, EVA Air/UNI Air will strive to seat children under age of 14 near their parent, guardian or tutor at no extra charge.

  • To avoid limited seats on the day of travel, we recommend you to select seats as soon as you purchase your ticket. Passengers with Premium Economy Class Basic, Economy Class Basic or Discount product cannot make complimentary seat selections during the booking process, please contact EVA Air Reservations Centers. We will strive to seat children with one accompanying adult at no extra charge. Be sure to book children with you in the same reservation or do cross-reference in different record.
  • The proximity requirement depends on the age of the child, as follows. Seat assignments will be appointed by EVA Air for passengers who had seat selection fee waived. For Economy Class, we will arrange in Standard Seats.
    • under the age of 5: in a seat directly adjacent to the accompanying adult
    • aged 5 to 11: in the same row and separated by no more than one seat from the accompanying adult
    • aged 12 or 13: separated by no more than a row from the accompanying adult
  • If you want to select particular seats for you and your family, you may consider purchasing seat selection with a fee or selecting different Fare Family Types that complimentary for seat selection.
  • If it is not possible to arrange a proximity seat when you contact our reservations centers, we will make every effort to facilitate seat assignment at the time of check-in, at the boarding gate or before take-off. However, it is possible that there are limited seats to arrange it when it is close to or on the day of travel. You may contact EVA Air Reservations to change your booking to another flight on which we can provide proximity seating, or cancel your trip Change/refund fee will be waived.


You can click on the link to read the EVA Air Conditions of Carriage.